Why are men so mad at OnlyFans?

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This is a rant- kind of??; This is something that’s been bothering me since the beginning of 2020 and feel like I need to address it.

If people wanted to argue that more young women turning to sex work for money Is a growing issue, I would be on board. A woman shouldn’t feel like selling her body is her only option. That would be oddly enough, an actual way to help women in need and protect teenage girls. Of course that’s not the case. None of these men want to help these women, none of these men would even consider donating to a women’s charity because they don’t think the oppression of women exist anymore. Societal views on women are enough to argue that we are not “equal” and aren’t treated with the same respect as men. Just because women can legally “do whatever they want” doesn’t mean women don’t face a significant amount of societal pressure for so many things it’s ridiculous. A woman can’t even own her own body without men putting their 2cents regarding it.

For clarity, I’m speaking about the men that shame women for sex work. Apparently, a woman benefitting from her own body is so obscene that these men feel the need to retaliate and get angry at women they don’t even fucking know. News flash, just because you are attracted to a woman doesn’t mean her actions are of ANY importance to you. YOU.DO.NOT.OWN.HER. I’m sorry that a chick you would fuck in the right circumstances isn’t all what you hoped to be, go look at the other women you thirst for on a daily basis. You are not loyal to her, so why would she have loyalty towards you or any of the other men that follow her only because she’s hot?

Women are grown ass adults that can hold themselves accountable and know exactly what they’re doing. We don’t need men’s approval and I don’t know why these men react to Onlyfans as if we do.

Unrelated comment (not necessary to read): Judging by social media, a lot of men have an issue with the use of the word ‘men’. They’re so quick to take the blame off of other men by pouting “not all men!” It’s as if they are purposely taking feminist/women out of context. Of course we aren’t talking about EVERY SINGLE man in existence. If certain men are willing to be offended by the general use of the word “men”, they should be willing to accept and admit the privileges they have as a man. If I say, “men created beauty standards for women” do not respond with “not all men!” It doesn’t make what I said any less of a problem and doesn’t generate hope for men because I’m not talking about the men who don’t perpetuate the problem. I don’t need to “hope” that there’s good men, my hope is reserved for the men who can’t comprehend something so simple as respecting women and their decisions.

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