Who is OnlyFans star Tana Mongeau and what’s her net worth?

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TANA Mongeau is a 22-year-old YouTube star and singer.

She launched her OnlyFans account back in May 2020.

Who is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is a media personality and made her name through YouTube.

As well as creating videos, she sings, models and has an OnlyFans account.

She’s been in an on-off relationship with controversial YouTuber Jake Paul – they even got married in 2019 (then split) but fans were dubious as to whether their relationship was legitimate.

Many believed they used each other to boost their profiles.

MTV followed her in No Filter: Tana Turns 21 and she revealed more about her personal life, such as her difficult childhood.

Is Tana Mongeau on OnlyFans?

Tana joined OnlyFans in May 2020, sharing exclusive content that fans had to pay to see.

She became a top earner on the platform after making $3million in one month through her content.

On Twitter in November she posted: “OnlyFans is fun

“Y’all liked what u saw this month … time to step it up.”

In the summer, fans weren’t impressed after seeing the content on her OnlyFans account was either the same as or similar to what she had been posting on Instagram for free.

In the run up to the American presidential election, she started the hashtag “#bootyforbiden” and promised to send nudes to fans that could prove their votes for Joe Biden.

She tweeted: “If u send me proof u voted for Biden I’ll send you a nude for free.”

The uptake was so popular according to Tana, that she then posted again saying: “Update #bootyforbiden broke tana uncensored.

“Love to see so many ppl who want change as badly as i do. u don’t need my a** to know what’s right for America so go VOTE!” 

What’s Tana Mongeau’s net worth?

Tana’s net worth is estimated to be $4million according to Seventeen.

This was estimated in May, so it’s likely to have gone up now given the recent uptake on her OnlyFans account.

Her divorce from Jake was worth more than $600million, as reported by Insider.

What did Tana Mongeau say in her apology video?

Tana has made two notable apology videos in her YouTube career.

In 2017 she was called out by iDubbbz about her past use of the N word, prompting her to post a video titled “An apology”.

Then in September 2020 she posted another apology video titled “a long overdue apology”.

She said: “I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart for being such a big part of cancel culture for the entirety of my career.”

“I don’t deserve a platform if I continue to act in such a gaslighting and irresponsible manner, and I’m so sorry for how long I’ve done that.

“I want to express my utter disgust with every single apology video I ever made. I’m sorry for uploading them, I’m sorry for defending them, and I’m sorry for putting them out to such a huge audience.

“I don’t want to come back to this platform until I am someone that can shape the youth in far better ways than the things I watched growing up shaped me.”

Who are Tana Mongeau’s parents?

Tana’s parents are Rick and Rebecca Mongeau.

She was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has been quoted before saying she has “no family” and discussed the dysfunctional nature of her upbringing.

She once said of them: “I grew up in Vegas with two parents who were completely unfit to be parents, and I still in so many ways just want nothing to do with them.”

They didn’t attend her so-called wedding to Jake.

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