What should I write in a welcome message on OnlyFans?

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Welcome message on OnlyFans are very important as they are one of the deciding factor whether your subscriber continues with their subscription.

So what should you send in welcome message on OnlyFans?

Mostly it depends on the they of Content you post on OnlyFans but your welcome message should be like a greeting to your fans and also a call to action type of thing.

Try to encourage your subscribers to go through your previous content and encourage them to pay for tips as it helps you to post more content.

You can ask them to give tips on the type of Content that they want to see more in future. Includes a short video with a welcome message.

Your welcome message should have a free image without any charge but you can ask for a tip.

Don’t forget to thank them for joining your subscription on OnlyFans so that they will get connected to you personally.

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