Twitter develops payment functions for access to exclusive content

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The possibility of charging for Tweetdeck functions is also being studied.

Getting rid of digital ads is the goal. Twitter is studying the implementation of a new monetization model by creating functions that allow paid subscriptions.

The payment functions that Twitter would enable were revealed in a Bloomberg report which highlights that the company has been studying this possibility for several years, but now may be the most ideal time.

Twitter is thought to benefit from a separate revenue stream that is less reliant on brand advertising. The company’s user base in the US, its most valuable market, has also started to stabilize, which which means that it cannot simply depend on adding users to juice revenues, « says the US media report.

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Twitter would enter a new stage of services with its users by enabling a function where people can pay users they follow for exclusive content. A well-known mechanism on platforms such as OnlyFans or Patreon.

The possibility of charging for the services offered by Tweetdeck is also being studied, which for many years has been totally free and of great benefit to those media that schedule tweets.

« To explore potential options outside of ad sales, several Twitter teams are investigating subscription offers, including one that uses the codename ‘Rogue One,’ according to people familiar with the effort. At least one idea is being considered. It is related to « tips », or the ability of users to pay people who follow for exclusive content, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are internal, « Bloomberg said in the same text.

The Italian programmer, Alessandro Paluzzi, leaked the images of the « Rogue One » function that is linked to the subscription services that users will now be able to perform.

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