The TRUTH About The OnlyFans “Rich List”

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Everyone from Cardi B to your little sister is on OnlyFans. They say don’t hate the player, hate the game. Well, if there’s any hate being thrown around – it’s my hatred for idiocy. I am not here to claim copious amounts of money aren’t being made on OnlyFans because it is; I am here to detail how easy a little white lie can easily and quickly become an assumed fact.

There have been viral reports all over social media that a reported Top Earners list of Only Fans creators exists. Dubbed the “OnlyFans Rich List”, rapper Casanova was seemingly confirming its validity by posting it to Instagram.

However, as always with the Internet and Rappers, in particular – it is not what it seems. At the top of the earning list is Blac Chyna pulling in an alleged $19.8 million dollar per month. Does this sound absolutely ludicrous to you? Well, it is. The post was quickly deleted by Casanova. It is highly likely he knew it was false.

While rappers are professional liars, even this list is absolutely insane to anyone willing to take more than a passing look. My first thought was to check the source. My second thought was “how in the hell was this list tabulated?” I won’t detail my advanced investigative skills, but I will reveal that I did Google “OnlyFans Rich List,” which lead me to the source of all evil confusion.

The “OnlyFans Rich List” was composed by the Online Gambling website, SlotsUp, in a blog entry originally published on September 28, 2020. Since then, arguably legitimate news media have run various stories spinning the top 30 list into erroneous headlines.

What is SlotsUp?

SlotsUp is an Ireland-based Online gaming website established in 2015, according to Crunchbase. Shortly put, they are a gambling and betting site. They have no direct association with Facebook (owner of Instagram) or OnlyFans.

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How was the OnlyFans Rich List Calculated?

First, let me commend the SlotsUp marketing team. This is probably one of their best months for traffic from this single blog post. Kudos. However, a quick glance at their post shows the list is not based on actual figures but estimates from Instagram followers and the average OnlyFans subscription price ($19).

From Bella Thorne to Cardi B, OnlyFans is the site that’s encouraging celebrities and influencers to flash for cash – and it’s set to make them millions.

Models, musicians and actresses are amongst some of the stars sharing the seductive X-rated snaps, but just how are they making so much cash?

How it works: users charge their followers a monthly subscription fee to see their photos and videos and OnlyFans take a commission of around 20%. The adult platform has its own calculator to work out how much celebs could be earning, all based on their social media following.


We’ve combined their Instagram followers with the average monthly subscription price (£15), and taken off OnlyFans 20% commission to estimate what each of these stars could be earning.

Not exactly scientific. In fact, Instagram follower counts are notoriously easy to inflate, especially by celebrities. Not to mention, not every Instagram follower can afford or even has the desire to convert to an OnlyFans subscriber.


Surely you have seen Tyga’s impressive genitals or at least heard they were trending. Fans, foes, and spectators were all welcomed to the party, free of charge. As celebrities enter the world of Online sex work, they are the ones most equipped against a common problem: leaks.

Your favorite OnlyFans girl spends hours looking herself up on PornHub and Google. Why? She has to ensure that those “private” messages you pay for aren’t being shared without their proper fee. She’ll tell you that you will be blocked from subscribing if you leak the content, but what she doesn’t tell you is she is the one who has to put in the time to prove it. It’s a perk that comes with the job, and it comes with the risk of losing out on money.

Tyga, on the other hand, has a team of lawyers from the entertainment industry that are highly versed in DMCA takedowns. They say money talks, but who you know also matters. Celebrities have more pull. The threat of legal action from them weighs heavier than your pot-smoking, pussy popping virtual girlfriend.

It’s a double-edged sword, however. Being a celebrity, or largely known public figure, has what we’ll dub “The Tyga Effect.” Nearly everyone has seen what he has to offer behind the paywall. A quick search on Twitter for any truly popular OnlyFans creator’s name with the keyword “onlyfans” attached often yields uncensored content for free. When you don’t have to pay to see the goods, the psychological warfare inflicted on your horny ass isn’t as strong.


I’d like to leave you with a couple of thots thoughts. One, there are hundreds of names not included earning enormous amounts of money that rival Hip Hop stars. Two, SlotsUp, in the same post, created a hypothetical list of how much money popular stars could make if they signed up for OnlyFans. Let that sink in. None of this was ever to be taken seriously. A lie is always entertaining to believe than the truth.

The video below details the surprising psychology of OnlyFans. It dives deep into how fools gladly pay for something they could find for free.

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