The secret life of an Gay OnlyFans star

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FS sat down for a chat with 23-year-old OnlyFans star Methful (not his real name of course) for an insight into the exciting life of someone who documents his sexual exploits. He asked to remain relatively anonymous for a magazine interview but you can see his full body of work at

FS: When did you start your OnlyFans page?

Methful: I started it in February (2019). That’s when I started uploading content to it.

Why did you decide to start it?

I had a pretty famous Tumblr blog, which lots of people knew about, when I was a teenager. That’s where my Instagram followers come from actually. It started as a lifestyle blog and naturally just became a bit more porny because that’s what Tumblr was like. More and more people started sharing my videos and I was uncomfortable with it because I was quite young, so I deleted it.

How old were you at the time?

I was 17 when I set my blog up and 18 when I started adding naughtier content than a One Direction posting or whatever. It was just floating around the internet for a while and people would message me and say “hey isn’t this you?’ from a video that would crop up on Xtube, xvideos or Pornhub. And then I thought, yeah, 100,000 people have watched that video and got their nut off to it and I’ve not really benefited from that. So, I thought it was about time I began monetising this free content that I’ve given over the years.

So, you decided just to ‘own it’?

Yeah, I decided to own it. My grandmother always told me that if you’re good at something never do it for free. So, I think that’s kind of influenced my philosophy surrounding the whole thing. 

Thanks gran. Had you done any performing before?

No, this was just purely amateur stuff. I’ve never been approached by a studio. I have once actually. But all amateur stuff.

So, you did get approached by a studio?

Yeah when I was much younger. A dodgy European studio. I looked very young when I was younger as well. Maybe that had something to do with it.

How do you find partners for your page?

I don’t actively look for people to film with. I have sex fairly often and, given the liberal nature of London’s gay scene, a lot of guys have made videos of themselves. Usually not with their faces in as they don’t want the ramifications of that, but it’s not hard to find people. You know how it goes. It starts from a Grindr conversation, then it goes to WhatsApp, chats get a little bit saucier, and then videos start being swapped. So, it’s just like a natural progression.

Do you make a lot of money from it?

Yeah. A fair amount. Good pocket money for a couple of months. Would you like a figure?

Yeah. How much would you make in a month on average?

So, since I started, I’ve earned just over $6000. Just over $6000 in a couple of months.

That’s amazing.

Yeah, it’s significant. Considering that it was free before.

How has the reaction been from your OnlyFans followers?

Mostly positive, if that’s what you’re asking? I teased the idea for over a year and I sometimes posted fake links to an OnlyFans but there was nothing on it or it would be a dud link. And I thought yeah, I just think I’ll do it and I woke up and did it one day. People like the content. I find that it is very price elastic. If I say ‘flash sale, everyone gets half price’, 50 people instantly sign up. And you have to tailor it to individual needs as well. A guy wanted a foot video so I sent him a foot video.

You take requests?

Of course I do.

What’s been the most outrageous request?

Um… a video with my neighbour’s face in it who is married of him fucking me without a condom while his wife is out of the country. She doesn’t know. I don’t think so anyway. They have a strange relationship. She probably does know.

Do you always enjoy the encounters?

I’m not doing this professionally. I’m not meeting people for the purpose of making a video. If I have a hot hook up or date and they happen to also be into it. So, it’s guaranteed to be good from the start because you like someone enough to do that.

In terms of your OnlyFans work – do you need to do it to make a living?

No. I think I understand what you’re getting at there. I don’t need money. I come from a pretty wealthy family, I have a good education, I have a good job. I don’t want for anything. But what motivated me is that people were doing this and getting a lot of money for it, which is nice to have just as pocket money. But I was giving it out for free, and I thought just how many people would be interested in seeing this content if I started to monetise it, and it’s been much higher than I expected.

How many followers do you have?

It fluctuates. When you first join that’s when you get your biggest push of followers. You might get anything from 300 to 400 in a month but then some people drop off. A lot of people drop off in the first month until you start to tailor requests. So, if it’s sitting at 400 fans or so, I think that’s a healthy amount. It depends what price you put it at too.

Do you actively look to keep your subscribers up?

Yeah. I don’t spend a whole bunch of time on it but there is a little folder on my Mac of videos for OnlyFans or pictures.

Because you have a full time day job?

I do have a full time day job. Unfortunately. For now.

I know you share teasers and trailers on social media. What has the reaction been on platforms like Twitter and Instagram?

Twitter yes. Instagram no. Instagram is a little more intimate I suppose, as family and friends are on there. I don’t really care for them to see my exposed arsehole on OnlyFans. My friends have tried to sign up to it as well which I think is quite dangerous. On Twitter it has been remarkably positive. It seems to be the most liberal social media app. It’s a platform where porn stars quite openly promote their content. We’ve celebrated porn stars becoming memes in the past year with the Cock Destroyers. They’ve really catapulted their OnlyFans game as a result of it as well. I see no shame in it. There is, of course, a minority who strongly disagree but I’ve not encountered them, but I have seen the bullying and derogatory, quite vulgar, comments that have appeared under other people’s posts.

Let’s talk about relationships. How do you manage your OnlyFans persona when going on dates? Do you tell them? Do you not?

It’s not something I’d raise on a first date maybe. Unless I was going on a date with someone from Twitter, in which case they would know, which might actually happen in a couple of days’ time. I’m not going to make an active effort on a date to talk about it but if they ask about it I’d say fine and happily tell them about it. I think the sort of person I would choose for a date hopefully wouldn’t have an issue around it. When I was in a relationship earlier in the year however, I certainly wouldn’t have considered making an OnlyFans page.

Is it something you’d give up given the right circumstances?

Yeah absolutely. If my partner or someone I was looking to be partnered with wasn’t comfortable with it, then I’d take that into account.

Has anyone found out about your page that maybe you wouldn’t have wanted to?

My cousin found out from the Arab side of my family. She’s quite liberal though, so she didn’t really care. She thought it was quite funny but she said “I will keep this very hush hush and make sure that if it pops up on my mother’s computer I will quickly close the page.”

Does that worry you?

Not particularly. I come from a super liberal family. I don’t particularly think there would be so much of a problem with it if my parents were to find out about something like this. They are quite unshockable.

Have you ever had a terrible experience filming a video?

Not a terrible experience, no. Just one that disappointed me slightly. He’s a very famous porn star who likes to record all of his amateur meets. It was just a little bit…it didn’t live up to the expectation you create surrounding a porn star.

Anything else that might make the readers gasp?

I made an anonymous donation to a gay men’s health charity and that money has come from videos of me with my ass getting smashed on camera.

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