The Queen of OnlyFans: How Blac Chyna used a foot fetish to earn $20M a month

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Blac Chyna might be infinitely debated and controversial to fans of the Kardashians, but believe it or not, she happens to be the highest earner on OnlyFans. Priced at the dazzling estimated net worth of $1.6M, Chyna rakes in millions from the paid subscription website where adult entertainment is the most popular.

While content on OnlyFans doesn’t necessarily have to be NSFW, all mainstream celebrities who have joined the platform that used to cater to sex workers primarily, have been dumped with social media flak. Be it Bella Thorne or Mia Khalifa — the internet is not happy with even Hollywood’s favorite hunk Michael B Jordan starting an OnlyFans. Incidentally enough, Chyna is among the lesser criticized celebrities on OnlyFans. Maybe that’s how she cracked the code for the website?

No talk on Blac Chyna’s OnlyFans account is complete without addressing the hefty pay she draws from the paid content website per post. According to the website Influencer Marketing Hub, Chyna reportedly makes $19.99 million a month from her OnlyFans content. With a total of 143 posts and 13.2K likes on her account, the reality TV star-turned-model happens to be a top earner on the site even though her subscription rates were higher than usual in the beginning. As her subscription rate fell to a more affordable price, the versatility in her content rose — claims the website.

From X-rated photos and videos specifically catering to niche fetishes to posting snaps capturing her day perfectly — almost every content makes it to the highest-paid OnlyFans performer. The Richest website calls it raking in close to $20 million in the form of easy work-at-home pay that arrives monthly. But Chyna’s strategic posting routine has also reportedly contributed to the steady incoming stream of subscribers that buy out the exclusive content she shares there. Maxim, therefore, places her at the pinnacle of all comparisons to be beaten to be considered successful on OnlyFans.

Chyna’s income has also benefited from OnlyFans’ rapid growth amid the pandemic. Even though the website has seen steady growth since it was founded specifically for adult entertainment in 2016, the average content creator on the site makes around $180 per month. XRUS research shows “the top 1% of OnlyFans content creators account for 33% of all the money in play on the platform; the top 10% of all OnlyFans accounts control nearly 75% of the money.”

Accumulating followers on TikTok or Instagram before making OnlyFans is reportedly a good idea too, and with Chyna’s history with Kardashian drama her popularity on social media is no joke either. Apart from her celebrity status acquired from her voluptuous curves and reality TV fame, Chyna also has 16.1 million Instagram followers to fall back on. She has another close to 700K followers on Twitter, where she also teases semi-NSFW snaps of her ample assets on a routine basis. Her follower count on TikTok is slightly more than Twitter, but less than 700K. With 3.7million likes on there already, it’s no secret why her fans flocked to her OnlyFans too.


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