The Belle Delphine leaked video leaves Twitter scandalized

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Internet personality and OnlyFans star Belle Delphine recently left Twitter users scandalized after she made her way to the trending page, courtesy of an explicit video of hers which surfaced online.

The 21-year old YouTuber has been in the news ever since she announced the release of her very first adult video, which is scheduled to release on Christmas. While she often borders on risque content, this would mark the first time that she makes her foray into the adult entertainment industry.

Belle Delphine is also rumored to be taking home a huge sum of money, courtesy of her upcoming OnlyFans video, which she spoke about during a recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul.

Her recent announcement led to a barrage of memes online, however, a recent leak proved to be rather scandalous for a large section of unsuspecting Twitter users.

It appears that a certain segment of her explicit video has made it’s way to the internet already, and recently, also made its way to the Twitter trending page, much to the shock of the online community.

Belle Delphine takes over Twitter with recent leak

In a recent appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast, Belle Delphine spoke about her upcoming Christmas video, which will be the first of its kind for her:

“I’ve never shown anything before so that was the first real big leak that I’ve done and that felt quite crazy posting that, but it also felt quite liberating. I’m going to take a huge leap on Christmas and that’s going to be crazy. “

While her Christmas video is yet to release, she has been posting explicit teasers online and it so happened that her most recent leak ended up taking her to the Twitter trending page.

Out of curiosity, all those who searched why exactly she was trending ended up regretting it, as they went on to post hilarious responses on Twitter soon after:

Belle Delphine is best known for popularising the GamerGirl “Bath Water” trend, which reportedly sold out within three days of its launch.

Since then she has adopted a unique persona which oscillates between being “kawaii” and risque all at once, on account of which she is known to command a huge army of simp fans.

Just last month, popular British YouTuber KSI also fuelled rumours of doing a collaboration of sorts with Belle Delphine on Christmas, which sent Twitter into meltdown.

With Christmas almost here, it looks like Belle Delphine is all set to take over the trending page yet again. This time though, unsuspecting Twitter users seem to be somewhat better prepared than their scandalized predecessors.

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