Tana Mongeau OnlyFans Collab Will Include Ashly Schwan?

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Tana Mongeau, apart from facing several controversies, is also busy releasing new content on OnlyFans this month. What’s more exciting for her fans is that there might be a collaboration with her close friend, Ashly Schwan.

Tana teases new content on her OnlyFans

In a racy new Instagram post with Ashly Schwan, Tana Mongeau exposes her behind and captions it with this:

obviously when ur done playing tennis u play it again for Tana Uncensored.. link in bio 🎾🤤🤍 IM DROPPING THE BIGGEST COLLAB OF MY LIFE ON TANA UNCENSORED THIS WEEK/EXPLICIT STORYTIMES WITH GUESTS & GET HIGH WITH MESSSSS ☁️🖤 i can’t wait for all that is coming… who do u think ur gonna see on TU?😈😈😈

Tana calls her OnlyFans content ‘Tana Uncensored’ and it includes explicit pictures, videos, and her doing things that are not allowed on Instagram or Twitter.

She teased that there would be many guests and that it would be the ‘biggest collab’ of her life. Tana Mongeau also shared that she would be getting high on camera and interacting with her OnlyFans subscribers.

This news came after she and AshlySchwan collaborated for a giveaway:

There are a lot of hints that Ashly Schwan will make an appearance on Tana Mongeau’s OnlyFans, ‘Tana Uncensored’. But we’re not sure how explicit the content will be.

Previously, Tana Mongeau collaborated with popular adult star Lana Rhoades, who also happens to be Mike Maljak’s girlfriend. That collaboration turned out to be very exciting for both Tana’s fans as well as Lana’s.

The best part about Tana Mongeau’s OnlyFans for her fans is that there is no fee. Yep, the subscription is for free.

The above teaser looks like that both Tana Mongeau and Ashly Schwan are posing for a picture for OnlyFans.

This comes after Tana took a dig at her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne was saying that she was the first celebrity to join OnlyFans. Tana had posted news articles showing that she and other celebrities such as Blac Chyna had joined OnlyFans before Bella.

Moreover, Tana joked that she’s done saying that and promoting her OnlyFans.

Let’s see what the collaboration will hold!

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