Pets at Home worker turns OnlyFans star after quitting job to give sex advice

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Emily Black, 21, ditched her job as a Pets at Home worker after launching a kinky career on OnlyFans. Now she’s helping couple’s sex lives on YouTube.

A model who quit her retail job at a pet store is helping couples boost their sex lives on YouTube.

Emily Black, 21, worked in Pets at Home where she sold products including dog food, toys and bedding.

But after getting into a lot of debt from her university studies, the bombshell, from the Midlands, had to find a new venture.

She turned to OnlyFans – where she sells “all kinds of content” to randy clients who subscribe to her exclusive page.

Her job includes custom pictures, videos, 1-1 messaging and voice notes, with her earnings split between tips and subscriptions.

Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the model has opened up about her latest business venture.

Emily, who has more than 317,000 subscribers on YouTube, has started offering up sex advice to couples.

Emily even came up with a “Mystery Roulette” game, which helps spice things up in bed.

In the Mystery Wheel Challenge, Emily writes down a variety of saucy acts that you can try with your partner.

She also uses a roulette jar which will determine what sort of outfit you have to wear to complete the challenge.

Emily’s latest clip, which was shared on July 26, starts with the model explaining the rules of the game.

As she spins the wheel, she lands on “squat” before shaking the bottle to reveal the saucy attire she must wear.

The model said: “I know a lot of people come over to my OnlyFans from these videos.

“A lot of people ask for advice with their partners or even videos on how to do sexual acts ‘properly’.

“There have also been times where people have said the YouTube videos have made couples try these games in the bedroom.

“It’s made their sex life more enjoyable again as it helps them to add something different.

“When people see me doing it on YouTube, they realise they could spice up their own sex lives by doing the same games.

“I also sometimes do naughtier versions on my 18+ page which is just something new and exciting.”


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