OnlyFans star, 22, shares her horror after her former high school TEACHER subscribed to her R-rated account – then told her he ‘always knew she was special’

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A 22-year-old from California is going viral after revealing that her former high school teacher has subscribed to her OnlyFans account. 

Richelle ‘Rara’ Knupper has 122,000 YouTube subscribers and is also active on Instagram and TikTok â€” but over on OnlyFans, she posts paid content for subscribers aged 18 and up, including nude images and videos.

But while Rara clearly feels comfortable with her body, she wasn’t quite so happy to discover that one of her old high school teachers had become a paid subscriber for her R-rated content. 

Last week, Rara shared a video of herself on TikTok that has gone viral.

‘Me after one of my high school teachers subscribed to my OnlyFans and told me they always knew I was something special,’ she wrote.

The video demonstrated how she felt about the development, showing her lip-syncing to a woman saying: ‘I think I’m uncomfortable. I think I might like try to unalive myself if we do this.’

Rara hasn’t shared any more details about the teacher — or whether she responded to his flirty comment — but has said on YouTube that she graduated in 2016 and was glad to leave her ‘f***ing abomination of a high school.’

Commenters appear to be as uncomfortable as she is with the behavior.

‘You should tell the school,’ wrote one, while another added: ‘I know he hasn’t broken any laws (that you know of) but seriously tell the school. They should be made aware that he could potentially be looking at high school girls like this. They should at least keep an eye on this guy.’

‘I’m so sorry this is so disturbing,’ wrote one more.

‘It’s NOT okay that he sent that creepy message, guys, come on,’ yet another commented. 

Some commenters shared their own awkward experiences, including one who said that the father of her best friend from high school subscribed to her on OnlyFans, and another who said her middle school choir teacher did the same thing.

Rara previously went viral in 2019 when she opened up about working as a model, and accused her Los Angeles-based modeling agency of enforcing ‘unhealthy’ eating habits and causing her hair to fall out in clumps.

Rara was scouted soon after graduating from high school, but in a video on her YouTube channel, she said she would never return to the industry due to the unhealthy eating habits she formed. 

When she was scouted, she said, ‘I had been working out and training the hardest I have ever trained in my life. I was in tip top, unbelievable shape. I was feeling really confident.’

She signed a two-year contract with the boutique agency — and she instantly regretted it. 

‘I was told by the boutique agency that I was too muscular and that I really needed to lose the muscle and be really skinny,’ she said. ‘I had been working out like crazy and I looked so good. I had started really counting my calories to the point where it was so toxic and unhealthy because I was counting literally every single calorie on this app on my phone.’

She got down to just 115 lbs. for her 5’8” frame, and confessed to being ‘really, really skinny.’ 

The constant pressure from her agency to lose even more weight forced her to have an ‘unhealthy relationship with food.’

‘I look back at pictures now and I am kind of like creeped out, honestly,’ she said. ‘My hair was falling out in clumps, like just clumps and clumps and clumps. I had no energy to do anything. I always felt dizzy, I always felt faint.’  

She continued: ‘Every time I went into the agency they would be like, “Ih my gosh you look amazing, like, your legs are looking so tiny. Keep doing what you are doing,”‘ she said. 

Her agents also made her dye her hair multiple times to find out what might work for photoshoots. That became financially and mentally draining, but she was ‘punished’ if she refused. 

‘I would be punished by [my agent] not sending me out on castings because I wouldn’t get my hair done,’ she detailed. 

‘Also during this time I was suggested ADD and ADHD medication to suppress my appetite so I could be even smaller and get my measurements down even smaller, which made me have an even more unhealthy relationship with food,’ Richelle continued.

Her relationship with the boutique agency hit a boiling point during one test shoot when she decided to leave early. At the time, Richelle was already considering leaving her agency and breaking her two-year contract because she no longer recognized herself.

‘I lost it,’ she said. ‘I was at my breaking point.’

Luckily, her agency decided to drop her after she left the photo shoot early — which made Rara’s decision easy to leave the industry without fighting her agents to break contract.

‘So overall my experience was awful,’ Richelle said. ‘Would I ever model again? No, I would not because I don’t want to be put back into that mindset. The pressure to be very, very, very skinny from my agents and their comments.’


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