OnlyFans pioneer Matthew Camp on the future of sex and why we’re all definitely living in a simulation

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The day PinkNews caught up with OnlyFans pioneer Matthew Camp, the world was waiting for Joe Biden to be confirmed president-elect of the United States.

“It’s keeping everyone on edge. At this point, I’d edge Biden,” he joked.

We weren’t here to chat politics. We were here to talk about Slag Wars, the Cock Destroyers’ new reality competition series in which Matthew Camp, OnlyFans pioneer, is a co-judge.

“You would think, all these whores – it’s gonna be the most crazy thing ever,” he said of the show. “But everyone was so nice and lovely. It was the sweetest group of people that I’d been around in such a long time, it was such an uplifting experience.”

Immediately before our call we’d been speaking with the Destroyers, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson, who promised Matthew was “charming”, “delicious” and a “sweetheart”.

“I wonder if he’ll have his top off in the interview?” Rebecca laughed.

As it turns out, everybody remained fully clothed as we whizzed though Matthew Camp’s thoughts on OnlyFans, the future of sex and sex work, and whether the world is real, or a simulation. All in all, a pretty standard afternoon for him.

PinkNews: Where are you right now? Lock down must have slowed you down this year, work-wise.

Matthew Camp: I’m at home. I just bought this house in Poughkeepsie, it was my friend’s house who passed away, he was a real close friend of mine. I bought his house and his stuff. He was an artist and his home was really an extension of his art, so I felt the need to preserve it and you know, live in it.

I was travelling a lot before corona hit, and to be honest – I love travelling, it’s very fun and I’m very blessed. But I also love to just be home, because I’m kind of secretly lazy.

I don’t live in a big city, so I don’t have the same sort of experiences that someone living in like New York City proper might have. I’m in a suburb, it’s spread out, and I have my handful of guys that I go to, to film content with.

OnlyFans has been a lifeline for many sex workers, so it followed that people were angry earlier this year when Bella Thorne joined – and it’s not just her…

Yeah, we’re waiting for Shawn Mendes, right? [Laughs.]

Fingers crossed! We single out Bella because the payout system changed after she made $1 million in a day – many accused her of ruining the platform for actual sex workers. Do you think celebrities joining OnlyFans is a good or bad thing? [Matthew Camp was one of OnlyFans’ first big stars.]

There’s a couple of ways you can look at this. If you are not operating a keen business, and you’re not doing the most effective stuff all the time, small waves in the economy like this are going to sink your ship.

So yes, in some respect, it is probably bad for people that aren’t doing it properly. But on the other hand, it’s really good for a lot of people using OnlyFans, because it legitimises it. You have what would be considered high end celebrities using this platform and making it so much more ‘acceptable’ for the ‘nobodies’ – I’m using air quotes here, because, obviously, who cares about that s**t – but like, regular people, using the platform and making money off of it.

I want to see some moms on there, I want to see some dads on there, everyone needs to start making porn! I really feel like we are in a time, especially in 2020, where as humans we’re ready to like to sort of shed this cloak of religious thought, and go into a more sort of carnal, sort of sexual time period. We have new technology, we have new ways to look at sex, to have sex, we can do it like this [on camera], we can do it in person. There’s so many ways for people to enjoy other people now, I think it would be ridiculous for people not to take advantage of that and not to make money off of it, especially in a crumbling economic system.

You started to touch on religion there. You’ve spoken about being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, what’s your relationship with religion like now?

I like the idea of spirituality. I like the idea of an organisation to the universe. And from what I can bridge between quantum physics and religion, is that there is this idea of a singular consciousness. What is consciousness? Is the world a full full-on matrix? Is it a simulation? I’m kind of caught in between those ideas.

There’s a lot of evidence that shows that this could be a simulation, and if you look at the mathematical theory – I know that math is like, so boring – but there’s theories that show that we probably are not the first civilisation, and that we are definitely a simulation.

So I don’t know, it just seems ridiculous that that wouldn’t be the case at this point. But I don’t really know to be honest. And also, if you’re in a programme, there’s ways to hijack the programme. There’s ways to get around stuff. And, you know, if we are in a simulation – great, because then it just makes it easier to get the things you want.

When you put it that way, is being in a simulation more far-fetched than talking to someone in the sky?

I think about it like, if these ideas, if these names of God weren’t taught to us, would we just do this anyway? If we didn’t have this archetype that was taught that that’s where we’re supposed to put all our hopes and desires, in this non-realistic place that doesn’t really even exist – that’s pretty f**ked up. That is some f**ked up s**t. So of course, people are p**sed off and mad. And they keep praying for s**t and thinking that they don’t deserve it. And when in reality, they just haven’t like actualised getting it.

What do you think the future holds?

I think that in the very immediate technological future, if people really start embracing pornography and separating it from trauma, if they can take those two and separate them and realise that sex work and sex entertainment is a very excellent thing for entertainment right now, I think that we’ll get a bunch of money in an economy that will like drive technology, will drive us closer to AI and smarter computers and better interactions via online.

I think with the fuel of coronavirus also in this corner. I think there’s a lot of weight behind that happening. And I hope it does. I think sex work is a very viable way for people to make money and be happy. Especially, to be honest, in America and probably in a lot of other places where the education system is not that great. A lot of people can’t get an education. What do you want this like group of people to do that you starved of education to do for work? Let them f**king do sex work.

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