OnlyFans introduces celebrity fitness memberships

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…with Arabella Chi, Adam Collard and Chloe Madeley joining the X-rated site to share their workouts

OnlyFans has introduced a new celebrity fitness section to the X-rated subscription site.  

In a bid to combat gyms being shut during the third lockdown, a collection of reality stars have joined the app to share their workouts, fitness tips and videos.

Former Love Island stars Arabella Chi and Adam Collard have set up an account on the platform alongside married couple James Haskell and Chloe Madeley.

The stars have followed the likes of Kerry Katona, Lauren Goodger, Bella Thorne and Megan Barton-Hanson in signing up to the X-rated subscription site.

Yet despite OnlyFans often associated with sex work – it allows public figures to charge money for racy exclusives, the foursome will be focusing on fitness content. 

Fans are able to subscribe to the celebrity creators’ pages where they can also get personalised advice, workouts and fitness tips.

Arabella, 29, is set to create tutorials for her followers and nutritional advice to share her advice on how she stays fit. She offers a subscription for $12.99 (£9.99) per month.

Adam, 25, who was a trained personal trainer before Love Island and founder of Sculpt Fitness, will share a look into his strength training programme. He offers a subscription for $7.99 (£5.99) per month.   

While Chloe, 33, and James, 35, who have joined as a couple, will provide joint workouts and nutritional advice. 

James is a former professional rugby player, he retired last year, while Chloe is a fully qualified personal trainer. 

It comes after rugby star Chris Robshaw and his wife Camilla Kerslake joined OnlyFans in September. 

Chris offers workouts he has used to help him in his sporting career as well as nutritional advice. 

While Camilla, who has had a successful music career, offers fans musical masterclasses on opera singing.

Talking about their joint venture at the time, Chris said: ‘I’ve dedicated my life to sports and fitness. 

‘I’m thrilled to have a platform where I can share everything I’ve learnt over the years and give exclusive content to anyone looking to get in shape or stay in shape.’

While Camilla added: ‘Music and singing have been my passion ever since I can remember.  

‘I’m excited to use this platform to give exclusive access to my latest work and help anyone looking for support and inspiration.’

Earlier this month, Chloe admitted she felt ‘like death’ when she was in her ‘best possible shape’ as she felt pressure to maintain her physique.

In a candid interview, the personal trainer opened up on maintaining her ripped figure, explaining that the time she was at her peak fitness was a ‘horrible period.’

Chloe told how being in the that shape is no longer worth the effort and she no longer ‘cares’ what she looks like now, so long as she’s ‘fit and healthy’.

The daughter of TV’s Richard and Judy told Closer magazine: ‘When I first started training, I had all the confidence in the world but, somewhere in the middle, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to always look in shape because of what I do.

‘That was a horrible period, but I’ve matured a lot in terms of my relationship with my body. I know how to get in ‘shredded shape’, but I know how much work that takes and it’s not worth my whole life.’

She added: ‘When I look in the best shape possible, someone would look at me and be like, Oh my gosh, she must be so fit and healthy.’ “That’s when I feel like death. My body fat is low, I’m tired and grumpy.’ 

Chloe went on to describe the feeling as having ‘permanent PMS all the time’ adding that people didn’t ‘realise’ how she felt when complimenting her.  

The fitness enthusiast went on to say that she adopted a more relaxed approach to diet and fitness during lockdown, thanks to the help of her rugby star husband James Haskell.

Chloe told how she had been getting in shape for a big photoshoot in June and was in the middle of a ‘fat loss phase’ when lockdown kicked in in March.

As she was in the midst of her fat loss, James noted that he wanted to use their free time to enjoy more time together and have ‘date nights’, leading Chloe to realise that it was unrealistic to try and maintain her strict diet during lockdown.

After giving up her strict routine, the TV personality said now doesn’t ‘care’ about what she looks like and instead focuses on just being ‘fit, active and healthy’.

She added that these days she feels ‘pretty good’ in her own skin after taking years to reach this stage in her life.

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