OnlyFans hype: Will Gerda Lewis soon be on the platform too?

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Blac Chyna (32) does it, Aaron Carter (33) does it – and Bastian Yotta (44) also likes it: OnlyFans. It’s hot on the online platform: a number of well-known stars are undressing there, sharing the nude impressions with their community and receiving money for it at the end of the day.

A really simple and quick way to fill your pockets – will ex- bachelorette Gerda Lewis (28) soon create a profile and drop the covers?

Probably not. In an Instagram questionnaire, Gerda answers questions from her followers. A user wants to know from her: “OnlyFans-Account already planned?” Apparently no option for the 29-year-old: “Not my platform,” she insists. In addition, it is a mystery to her why users should pay to see pictures. “After all, Instagram is also free,” is Gerda’s conclusion.

Another thing that seems to be out of the question for the former rose distributor : participation in the jungle camp . In said Q&A, Gerda is asked about a possible move into the TV bush. “Never say never. But: never” is their response.

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