OnlyFans Dom earns £100k in lockdown ‘letting submissive women lick his shoes clean’

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An anonymous dom leading a double life online has revealed to the Daily Star that he earned £100k in 2020 from niche fetish content including the training of wiling ‘sex slaves’

A businessman leading a double life earned around £100k on a secret OnlyFans account – without even showing his face.

The 30-year-old, who is known as “Ryan DarkGrey” to his fans on the site, has raked in the sum between December 2019 and December 2020.

The businessman from Birmingham started his new side-hustle on the popular subscription site after becoming interested in kink with ex-partners.

His content, which ranges from foot fetishes to sex slaves, has landed him a spot in the top 1.6% of creators – claiming men and women who have become ‘restless’ in lockdown are flocking to his account.

He said: “Covid has been very profitable! A lot of people are sitting at home or working from home restless and I’ve seen my highest subscribe rates ever. Top 1.6% just a few days ago!

“The middle of last year I was on £60k, since then, including the subscription fees plus cash tributes such as CashApp and Amazon gift vouchers and other gift cards I’ve now earned closer to £100k, especially since lockdowns have shot my subscription up.”

Most successful OnlyFans accounts aren’t run anonymously and rely on heavy promotion for profit.

However, this mystery man credits his success to finding a niche and rewarding ‘trusted slaves’ with the chance to lick his shoes clean.

He added: “I don’t do any promoting apart from what I post on my anonymous Twitter profile.

“People gravitate to what I do. They become fascinated by how I treat my slaves and want to watch more and more and then they join my OnlyFans.

“I’ve even had a few guys contact me asking if I’d coach and would pay to teach them how I do what I do. Which is becoming another additional source of income.

“People see what I make my slaves do and they love how I enslave and treat them because they can envision themselves in their position or they are super shocked how I treat them, for example making my slaves pay me to polish my shoes – sometimes with their tongue.”

‘Ryan’ claims to be keeping his identity a secret from friends and family and to protect his business outside of OnlyFans.

But Mr ‘DarkGrey’s’ identity isn’t a secret to everyone – he invites loyal slaves into his home when they shower him with expensive gifts.

One woman is said to have bought him a much-coveted Playstation 5.

“Trusted slaves who have tributed and shown their worth and loyalty are allowed to come to my house”

“They hoover my house, clean my garden, wash my car, anything I ask and in a totally classy way. It’s more a form of mental domination.

“I just know how to press these people buttons, take them to a place mentally they crave for. There are women who want to feel all control taken away from them and crave to be totally submissive.

“I just tap into that desire and they pay me and even buy me gifts. One woman even brought me a PS5 – only I don’t have time to play it, which is a shame.

“I’ve also had women buy me new shoes, Amazon Vouchers to buy protein powder, watch, pay for my food shopping pretty much what I want. It great being a Dom if u know how to press peoples buttons.”

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