OnlyFans creators reveal the hilarious and scary moments they were recognised in public

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If you’re a subscriber to OnlyFans, you probably only use the service and get to know the creators within the privacy of your own home. 

But of course, OnlyFans stars are real people who often have regular jobs aside from the X-rated content they produce, often working in different industries including retail and hospitality. 

So when art collides with real life, what happens?

That’s what one Reddit user questioned in popular forum ‘Ask Reddit’. 

“People with OnlyFans, have you ever been randomly recognised in public? If so, what happened?” they asked in a post that’s now racked up over 6000 replies. 

Here are some of the most interesting responses: 

“My wife [a nurse] knew a coworker who was fired for filming herself [performing a solo sex act] on a vacant hospital bed for her OnlyFans account. Someone saw her work badge and reported her. When everyone found out, over half of the staff knew who she was and some of them signed up to her [OnlyFans].”

“Yes, once when I was visiting Dallas a guy came up to me and said he recognised me by the shirt I was wearing (I had worn the shirt in a public nudity shoot I did). It was creepy because after he said hi, he followed me around the mall. I managed to lose him in a [shop]. I hope I never experience that again.”

“I have been recognised one time by a guy at my favourite coffee shop. He was actually very nice and not creepy which was awesome! I did send him a picture of my boobs with a mug in front as a joke later.”

“I had a guy recognise me, thankfully he was pretty chill. He low-key followed me for a bit, then split ways then sent me a message on [OnlyFans] saying he saw me. And that was it. Half of my family know what I do (found out), but almost none of my friends. I imagine it would be awkward if someone actually came up to me and started talking about my line of work.” 

“Not me, but my cousin-in-law… We all went out to dinner and this kid who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old was at the restaurant with his mom. He keeps eyeing my cousin all shy and doesn’t really know what to say, probably didn’t want to mention in front of his mom where he recognised her from. Eventually, cousin and the mom were in the bathroom, mom nicely asked cousin to take a picture with her kid and she agreed. If only mom knew.” 

“Recently in my day job I had a new client who I was having Zoom meetings with and she was adamant she knew my voice. She keeps bringing it up every week, asking if I have done radio, podcasts, VO work. She keeps joking she will get to the bottom of the mystery somehow. I started making erotic audio for women and built up a pretty solid following during subsequent lockdowns last year. After she brought this up I checked my Patreon subs and she subscribed to me nine months ago with her work email.”

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