Mum who couldn’t get a job at Subway now earns £28k a month as sexy model

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A university graduate who struggled to find work at supermarkets or in Subway is now earning a fortune from a very different venture. She’s raked in £28,000 by selling saucy snaps online

A mum who couldn’t get a job at Subway had the last laugh by becoming a glamorous model who earns £28,000 a month.

Maddie Springs, who is a psychology graduate from North Carolina, admits it was hard to find work after university.

The 29-year-old tried hunting for roles at supermarkets and in Subway after struggling to start a career in her field.

But she found no luck and quickly started running out of money.

Maddie was living off ramen noodles and sleeping on a mattress on the floor of her flat when she started selling sexy snaps for cash.

The decision proved to be a lucrative one as the married mum-of-one is now raking in an annual six-figure salary.

Maddie, who now lives a lavish lifestyle in Tampa, Florida, said: “After graduation I found myself pretty broke.

“I couldn’t get a job anywhere, I tried supermarkets and Subway and couldn’t get hired.

“I sold all my belongings just to get gas money and food, when someone suggested I do live webcam work.

“On my first day, I made enough to pay a full month’s rent.

“I lived in this tiny, horrible apartment which I shared with several strangers.”

Maddie’s life changed dramatically after she joined OnlyFans and started charging subscribers for her glam snaps.

Her fans pay up to £10 a month to access the content she shares online, which is a mix of sexy photoshoots, life updates, and personal messages.

Working on the adults only site has given her enough income to invest in property too.

She has two swanky homes she’s renting out for another stream of income.

Maddie said: “When I started earning so much, so quickly, I was able to upgrade my lifestyle.”

She added: “I have been able to purchase a house which I am renovating and I have also purchased land to build another home on.

“Soon I will rent out both of those properties as investments for my family’s future and look for another property to buy.”

Maddie is so successful for her age that people are baffled at how she has so much money – but she keeps her profession close to her chest.

She said: “My neighbours don’t know a lot about me because I keep to myself.

“They are friendly but I assume they think I am an innocent mum as I dress like a typical suburban mum and I have a nice home.”

Maddie continued: “I think they’d probably be shocked to know my profession.

“But I get to stay at home and send out naughty pics instead of having to drive to a corporate job like many of them probably do.

“I chuckle to myself at how different our lives are simply because I made the decision to take this path.”

The OnlyFans star says her husband is “very supportive” of her career and shares her desire to stay private.

She said: “I don’t think I could do it without him. We are both very private, frugal and quiet people.

“In our spare time we just hang out with our family.”

Maddie is delighted with how her life has changed in recent years thanks to her decision to become a sexy model.

She added: “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the opportunities OnlyFans has given me.

“All I ever wanted was a family and financial freedom to enjoy my life.

“I want to continue doing my job for as long as I can to put the majority of my income into real estate so I can continue to grow and thrive.

“I wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for my fans throughout the years and I hope they know how grateful I am for them. They changed my life.”

You can follow Maddie on Twitter here and Instagram here.


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