Model who left med school to earn $150k a month on OnlyFans shares oddest fan photos

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Camila Elle, 21, from Florida, US, explained that some men send her dirty snaps of themselves dressed up like former President Donald Trump or with their penis in a hot dog bun.

A young woman who used to be a pre-medical student turned to OnlyFans to pay for her tuition before deciding to go full time on the raunchy subscription site.

Camila Elle, 21, from Florida, US, posts sexy snaps and videos on her Instagram profile, @camilaelle2, where 55,000 loyal fans follow her, but she claims the photos she gets sent blow hers out of the water.

The model claims that she’s sent crazy images from her subscribers with many of them being inspired by politics, food and even Donald Trump.

Camila claims the odd photos make her laugh – even the ones where men send d*** pics styled as hot dogs…

The OnlyFans model said: “I have had some pretty crazy things sent to me.

“There was a man who sent me a picture of his penis in a hot dog bun, complete with ketchup and mustard squirted on it.

“I have to admit, that one made me laugh quite a lot as it just looked so funny.

“I had to have several looks at it because I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just a hot dog.”

Plus, Camila has also been sent snaps of people dressed up in costumes.

She said: “One guy sent me a video of himself dressed up as Donald Trump and pleasured himself until he climaxed on a photo of Hillary Clinton.

“That was weird.

“Another guy filmed himself having sex with a jar of peanut butter while dressed in a maid costume and standing inside a toilet.

“Most of them are funny and light.

“They dress up in weird costumes and pleasure themselves, I’ve seen chicken costumes, squirrel costumes, dinosaur costumes.

“I’m definitely not kink-shaming, I’m always just amazed where people get their ideas from.”

But, Camila does admit that some people go too far.

She explained: “Some videos have been borderline scary, like the man who filmed himself sticking an AR-15 rifle in his butt.”

And, Camila also refuses to indulge certain kinks on her OnlyFans page.

She added: “Some people request for me to act like their daughters, which I won’t do, and they also send unsolicited pictures of their own excrement.

“If they send something disgusting or request something that is semi-close to pushing the bounds of the law, I immediately block them and give a full refund – I’m very generous with my ban hammer.

“It always amazes me how lots of people have zero shame about asking for things, like they will sign up and immediately ask for taboo and twisted requests with no introduction.”

Camila noted: “At least talk to me first! I am a human being after all.

“Lots of people want to be humiliated but I’m rubbish – I just can’t bring myself to be mean to anyone!”

Camila is already in the tip 0.1% of earners on OnlyFans – she makes over $1million per years and can rake in $150,000 a month.

She said: “Saying OnlyFans has changed my life would be a massive understatement.

“I was a pre-med student struggling to pay for tuition to having an international fanbase making over $1 million a year.”


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