missjune93 – Interview with OnlyFans starter Miss June

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What made you start an OnlyFans account?
Miss June: I was worried about money, about paying off my mortgage, bills and stuff. Before lockdown I was looking after animals – pet dogs, mainly. But because it’s an independent business my boss can’t pay me until she gets her grant from the government. She says she can give me some money to tide me over, but I don’t really want to ask. At the minute I’m living off savings. OnlyFans seemed like the easiest option because I used to have an account a while back. I deleted it because some people were leaving nasty comments about my weight and I just wasn’t uploading enough, so people were unsubscribing.

What sort of content do you make?
I do a lot of fetish stuff: feet, nylon tights, high heels, things like that. I don’t do full nudes, but I don’t mind going topless. A lot of people like lips – not labia, I mean on your mouth – so I take pictures of mine. Smoking is popular too.

Since reopening your account, have you noticed a difference in what it’s like making a living from OnlyFans?
It’s got harder, actually. People have a lot more time on their hands, so I find that I’m getting badgered more. I get messages like, “When are you going to be uploading more content? Are you going to post videos?” I’ve messaged a couple of old subscribers asking if they want to go onto my account again, and they’ve asked if they can see some free content to get an idea of what they’re paying for, or just said they can’t afford it. Everyone’s so skint at the minute, it’s difficult. I’ve found, though, that the fans I have this time around are a lot more loyal and supportive.

What have you been doing to try and get more subscribers?
I’m putting on a lot more promotions. I never used to do that before, and I’ve dropped the price for the next ten members that sign up, and things like that.

How much money are you making on OnlyFans at the minute?
Last month I made about $250 (£201). When I had an account last time I was earning about double that, so it’s quite a substantial cut.

How much content are you uploading?
I’m posting about five to ten pictures every day at the moment, which is more than I did before. I tend to post when I get up in the morning. It’s difficult to find interesting material at the moment because I’m confined to the house. I can’t just get naked in the middle of nowhere, although I have done that before. Everything is so tedious, my inspiration is getting low. I also don’t have the money to buy new underwear at the minute.

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