Man Earns $4,000 Monthly Selling Photos Of His Sexy Feet

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A man from Scottsdale, Arizona is raking in about $4,000 a month by selling sexy photos of his feet online. Jason Stromm, 35, has been gaining a legion of feet-crazed followers from his OnlyFans account since March 2020. 

Stromm hit on the idea of foot flashing while he was offering adult services as a “webcammer” when one of his clients encouraged him to create an Instagram account dedicated to his “perfect feet”.  Even with his muscular build, this particular client was only fixated on admiring the bottom of his soles during their live webcam sessions. 

Much to Stromm’s surprise, he quickly amassed a following of feet obsessed fans on his account which now boasts about 5,000 followers. 

According to Daily Mail, his fan base is 99% male but Stromm said there is an interesting increase of foot-mad women who are just as happy to fork out cash to get their feet fetish fix.

To access Stromm’s online content, he has a standard subscription of $7.99 a month. This provides his fans with not only photos but also features videos which earns him a comfortable payout of $4000 monthly at the very least including tips. 

An article from Unilad UK said the foot fetish star admits that male foot fetishism has become an increasingly popular niche market in the adult industry. So, to stand out from the rest and carve his name online, Stromm also accepts requests for custom feet videos for those who are willing to splash a bit more cash. The videos can run up to six to eight minutes where he shows his feet and uses foot fetish terms much to his fans’ quirky delight. He says this is something not many “feet guys” are willing to do for clients.

To put things in perspective and away from the common fantasized notion about men with big feet, Stromm only wears size seven shoes. He says this has not held him back from showing off his walkers as a little knowledge in camera tricks can be used to his advantage to make his feet look bigger.

Stromm also admits to having a foot fetish himself and says his current line of work does not affect his relationships with both family and friends. 

“Most of my family and friends know what I do and they think it’s hilarious or they congratulate me for being able to make a living doing it. Let’s be honest not everyone can”, Stromm said.

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