Maitland Ward Hits One Million On OnlyFans

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Former Disney star Maitland Ward has hit one million likes on OnlyFans, having thanked her fans for their support.

Ward, 44, made a name for herself as Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets World, but made a much-publicised move to adult film in 2019 in 2019, having also set up shop on content subscription sites, such as Patreon and OnlyFans.

And the change in direction seems to have very much paid off, as her fanbase on OnlyFans has now reached the dizzying heights of one million likes.

Announcing the milestone on social media, Ward wrote: “I just hit ONE MILLION LIKES on my ONLYFANS! AMAZING.

“My fans’ support these past few years has meant the world. For every LIKE, comment, RT and DM just know it’s so appreciated.

“I love you all! Here’s to a million more.”

Accompanying her message, she also posted a short six-second video of her posing with a ‘1’ and ‘M’ balloon in each hand in red lingerie.

Recently, Ward spoke to LADbible about her adult career, saying she has very few limits in porn.

“I don’t have very hard limits,” she said.

“Of course, I’m not doing like heavy BDSM scenes… but I do do a lot of stuff. I have very few nos.”

Ward said she has even surprised herself with how far she is willing to go.

Asked if she has ever been asked to do anything she’s uncomfortable with, she continued: “I haven’t done like major, major group scenes yet, or like I said, any heavy BDSM… I don’t think I would do the heavy BDSM thing. I like light BDSM.

“But I haven’t experienced that, I’ve always surprised myself and gone further with the limits that even I thought in my mind.

“All of my scenes, as I go, it’s a new challenge. Like, I found that anal, I knew in my personal life I liked it, but I found that I’m very good at anal on screen. And I know all about it. And I love it.

“I figured my a*****e was really talented for the camera, and I was enthusiastic about that.”

Ward has no regrets about her change in direction, and is relishing her new-found freedom.

She added: “It’s been so cool to be able to act like I’ve never acted before.

“Nobody ever trusted me to do such deep, dark twisted roles before in the mainstream, I was always considered to be very light and comedic – and I couldn’t get myself out of that. That was one of the things that porn really liberated me from.

“But I also love doing the hot sex too, so it’s always been a dream of mine to be able to combine the two.”


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