Judit Benavente on OnlyFans: The industry is booming

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Adult platform OnlyFans continues to grow, and Spanish influencer Judit Benavente, who has reaped the rewards of it, has opened up about how and why she uses it.

The platform allows users to publish adult content, something that social networks like Instagram would censor.

“Given the large number of people who wanted to talk to me, meet me or see more content, I decided to create my profile on OnlyFans,” Benavente said in an interview with New Code.

“So I can have a closer and exclusive relationship with my followers, even writing to them daily.

“On my OnlyFans [account] you can find sensual, erotic and, above all, exclusive photos and videos. It also has a chat option,” she said.

The outlet also spoke with some of her subscribers. Juan, a 39-year-old from Madrid, spends about 20 euros a month on Judit’s content and explained why.

“It cannot be compared with porn. What Judit offers has a lot of quality, there are not just dirty things,” he said.

Fans pay between 20 and 500 euros

“I just follow her. I pay the five euros of the subscription plus what I want to give her or give her a tip. Depending on the month I can spend between 20 and 500 euros,” says Alberto, a 27-year-old from Valencia.

Benavente, faced with this type of situation, has no qualms about pointing out that OnlyFans brings in vast amounts of money for her.

“There are those who make a very good living with this. The way I see it right now the industry is booming, the market is expanding and creating competitiveness,” Benavente said.

Source: marca.com

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