jetlondon – Interview with James and Ethan

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What made you start an OnlyFans account?
James: Like most people, our financial situation was deteriorating, so we started it as a way of keeping ourselves afloat. I work freelance as a dancer, so a lot of the work I had planned has been cancelled.
Ethan: I was working at a gym, but now, because of the pandemic, I’ve been furloughed, so 80 percent of my former wages have to cover all of our costs – and we live in London, so life is quite expensive.

How’s it been going so far?
James: Since we started the account in mid-April we’ve got over 300 paying subscribers, and they pay $9.99 (£8.03) a month to see our content. We started the account on the 27th of March, and in four days we made $1,500 (£1,205). From mid-April to now we made another $1,000 (£803). That’s just what we get after OnlyFans takes a commission of 20 percent. All together we’ve made nearly $3,000 (£2,411) in less than three weeks.
Ethan: I was on a decent wage before at the gym, but if you consider the hours I was working before I’m definitely earning more than what I would in my normal job.
James: You can do a lot less for the same pay. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made.

What sort of content do you guys make?
James: It’s quite an oversaturated market, so you have to try to offer people something a bit different.
Ethan: A lot of it is sort of a “come be a fly on the wall inside of our sex life” type thing, because it’s less common for people to do OnlyFans as a couple. But we also go off what our subscribers are asking for.
James: We’ve said no to a couple of requests because they just really weren’t our thing. A lot of people asked for foot pictures and someone wanted us to jump up and down. Nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t for us.

How much time do you guys spend on this?
James: When we decided to do it we made quite a bit of content so that we would have a bit of a head-start. So far we’ve been uploading pictures daily, sometimes a short clip, and then every Friday we upload a video.
Ethan: The actual content side of it doesn’t take that much time. Most of the work is spent marketing our page. For about one or two hours, five days a week, we sit together on our phones tagging other people on Twitter in our pictures, following people, posting updates.

What’s the best advice you would give to someone thinking of starting an OnlyFans now?
James: Big OnlyFans people will share referral codes for people wanting to make an account. All it basically means is that, rather than OnlyFans taking 20 percent of your commission, they take 10 percent and the person who gave you the referral code takes the other 10. It’s a good thing to do because then this big OnlyFans influencer has a stake in how well you do.
Ethan: So we used the referral code of this gay porn star, and now because he gets 10 percent of what we make, he keeps telling his Twitter followers to subscribe to us.
James: In general we’ve found people are really willing to help you get your name out there. If you tag someone on Twitter saying that you’re following them, chances are they will do the same back.
Ethan: We launched the Twitter account a couple of days before we set up the OnlyFans, and we’ve managed to get about 2,000 followers in less than three weeks.

Is it difficult as a couple being in the house together constantly and then also having to work?
Ethan: Absolutely not. James is my best friend, so for me this is my absolute dream. Before, I was working 40 hours a week and I’d get upset in the morning when I had to leave. And then sometimes we’d be on such different schedules, like James might be working at shows in the nighttime when I was off, or he might have to be at certain events for long hours. It’s so nice to be able to catch up on all this time together.

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