Is it better to have a Free OnlyFans account or paid

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When someone launches his or her OnlyFans account, there are a lot of things that he or she has to think about first. Some important things are that is he joining that platform as a subscriber or as a content creator. If he is joining that platform as a content writer then he has to think that what should he post and how he will promote his content. But the most important thing to consider is what price will be good for the subscription. But before that, he thinks that should he make his account free or should it be paid? Free OnlyFans account is a plan that works in a very good manner for content creators. But it is not for everyone.

The reason why free OnlyFans is better

Gain Follower

He or she can gain followers more quickly than the paid ones. As free accounts usually offer more subscribers than the paid ones. If he or she has a smaller number of followers, then a free account is good to increase his followers.

Subscription rate

There is no subscription fee for the free OnlyFans account as it is free and does not need any type of subscription. While the paid one charges a lot of money. The minimum subscription rate is 4.99 dollars, and the maximum subscription rate is 49.99 dollars, and this rate is just for one month.

Access on features

Free OnlyFans accounts have access to those features that a paid account does not. A person having a free account can earn by paid posts, paid only streams, and many other ways. But a person who has a paid account cannot get access to these features.

Earning Sources

BestOnlyFans can earn more money than paid ones in many ways. All these ways are given below:

Earn money through live streams

He or she can also earn money if he has a free account. He can go to a payment stream; all the viewers have to pay to view that live stream. And for this, the minimum amount is 5 dollars. It means you just have to pay this amount and you will earn according to the number of viewers.

Earn money through posts

He can also earn by monetizing the posts on the feed on his account. Everyone who wants to see that post has to pay first then they can see the image. He will earn according to the images unlocked by the public.

Earn money through messages

He or she can earn money from PPV. It is a message from you which can be seen only if your fan has paid for it. The minimum amount that has to be paid for getting access is 5 dollars. He just has to send the message to his fan with attached media, remember to click on the price tag and set the price, and then he can send it to anyone he wants.

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