Irish dad Matty Gilbert who makes €50.000 a month on Only Fans

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Matty Gilbert first grew his social media platform through TikTok and after going viral, now has over 1.7 million followers.

The Irish dad used to work as a barber but due to his internet popularity, he decided to leave his job.

He told how he set up an OnlyFans account – and now makes around $60,000 or €49,500 per month through it.

OnlyFans allows creators to charge fans a monthly subscription in return for raunchy pictures and clips.

Matty said he only set up his account about four months ago and he has 3,000 followers.

He told Claire Byrne Live: “It’s a 24/7 job because everyone is in different time zones and you have to communicate with them.

“Most mornings I wake up to 250 or 300 messages.

“If you don’t reply to them you’re not going to keep them you have to keep them happy.”

RTE viewers had mixed reactions to Matty last night as they flocked to Twitter to share their opinions.

Daithi said: “He’s making 60K a month to quit his hairdressing industry. Fair play to him, imagine the s*** he’d get if he was a woman though. #cblive.”

Jenni said: “Tbf if you’ve a following online you can make good amount of money from only fans even in bikinis and lingerie and not topless or nude, but young ppl need to know ppl will try get more xrated pics and pics be there forever seek advice from those in the industry 1st imo.”

Ken wrote: “Hey Matty, so inspired by your #cblive banter! Pumped for you!”

While Michael also tweeted saying: “Is Claire Byrne #cblive satire now?

“Lads in balloons, reporting from the garden shed, airline seats in studios and now…….. Onlyfans?


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