Inside the buzzy agency that helps manage OnlyFans accounts for top influencers like Tana Mongeau and Daisy Keech

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The paywall-content platform OnlyFans has surged in popularity among influencers, and a new agency has climbed to prominence in the industry helping creators manage their accounts.

Unruly Agency works with top influencers and models like Tana Mongeau (5 million Instagram followers) and Daisy Keech (5 million Instagram followers) on managing their OnlyFans accounts.

“We look at ourselves as a concierge service for influencers,” Unruly said in a statement. “We take the talent’s ideas and help them roll them into production to bring them to life.”

Insider spoke with the founders of Unruly and industry insiders to learn how the agency works and the services it provides. 

Unruly Agency seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2020 to rule the world of influencer OnlyFans accounts.  

The influencer agency emerged on Instagram in March. By May, Unruly was working with a slew of top social-media stars including Tana Mongeau (5 million Instagram followers) on managing their OnlyFans accounts, as the paywall-content platform surged in popularity among influencers.

The agency’s clients now include the likes of Daisy Keech (5 million Instagram followers), Sierra Skye (4 million followers), and Abby Rao (2 million followers). 

Unruly describes itself as a marketing agency and production studio for influencers and models, its cofounder Tara Electra told Insider. But in the creator industry, it is primarily known for OnlyFans. Four talent managers told Insider that over the last few months, Unruly has aggressively pursued their clients with a pitch to help them start an OnlyFans account.

Unruly was started by Electra and cofounder Nicky Gathrite. Electra previously worked for the music event promoter Insomniac on influencer campaigns for festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, which is where she began meeting influencers.

Electra and Gathrite’s pitch has been successful. Industry insiders said that many influencers are attracted to working with Unruly because the company offers a full-service approach to OnlyFans.

“We look at ourselves as a concierge service for influencers,”

Unruly said in a statement.

“We take the talent’s ideas and help them roll them into production to bring them to life.”

This can be particularly helpful for influencers looking to jump into OnlyFans. Many of them already post to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, so creating a pipeline of new “exclusive” content for OnlyFans can be a challenge.

OnlyFans creators generally make money by charging for access to certain (often risqué) photo sets and videos, as well as the ability to send them private messages.

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Unruly has built relationships with high-demand travel photographers, helping some clients set up content shoots and an OnlyFans posting schedule.

“We help them produce content and we rent content houses around the [Hollywood] hills and bring all the talent together to meet the talent and get discovered by each other’s fans,” Electra said.

“They are creating that all-in-one service,” said one talent manager whose clients worked with Unruly, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the agency. “A lot of managers don’t want to work with OnlyFans, therefore there clients are jumping directly to Unruly because it’s the only full-service agency that is really specializing in OnlyFans.”

Unruly’s OnlyFans work can net some influencers a huge payday.

Mongeau in November posted a photo on Instagram of a trophy from Unruly that said “congratulations top earner” and “$3,000,000.” Unruly declined to comment on how much Mongeau had made on OnlyFans or explain the trophy. But even if that $3 million refers to total revenue before OnlyFans and Unruly’s fees, it would still be quite a haul.

OnlyFans told The Hollywood Reporter in December that 100 of its creators were making at least $1 million annually on the platform.

With numbers like that, competitors to Unruly are cropping up.

Dannii Harwood, one of Only Fans’ top earners, launched the management firm O.F. Management and coaches creators on what to post and how to earn money from the platform. In December, the music artist Tyga launched an OnlyFans management company called Too Raww. Even Unruly client Mongeau is interested in becoming an OnlyFans manager, she recently said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

“There are other companies that are like Unruly who are doing exactly the same thing,” the manager whose clients had worked with Unruly said. “Everyone is sort of adopting a similar business model.”

But despite OnlyFans’ success, some influencer talent managers are still wary of their clients signing up with the platform because of its association with sex workers. Four talent managers told Insider that they’ve advised their clients against using OnlyFans.

“We push our clients to Patreon or Cameo for paywall experiences, as our talent’s audiences are quite young and impressionable,” one manager who had not worked with Unruly said.

Inside how Unruly Agency works

Unruly’s influencer clients generally offer a free feed on OnlyFans. They then charge for access to particular photo sets or videos, and for the ability to comment on them or directly message the creator.

Many of those creators also offer a VIP tier, which fans can usually get into by tipping $100 to $200. That tier includes exclusive content and sometimes unlimited messaging capabilities.

For instance, Mongeau’s OnlyFans account says: “Tip $200 to be in my VIP club and get unlimited chats! smoke with me, drink with me and see me like you’ve NEVER seen me before, and truly see, Tana….. UNCENSORED!”

Keech’s OnlyFans account says: “To get more exclusive content that no one else see’s [sic] join my VIP by tipping $200.” 

Unruly said in a statement that depending on the scope of service a client has, the firm can “help them plan content as needed but the influencer owns and directs all content.”

“Each month we would draft up a huge content plan,” said a former Unruly employee, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the agency. “How much they should post, what sort of content, just giving them ideas to mix up their feed. As well as being active on accounts every day so that way it doesn’t look like an inactive account. We did stuff every day for them.”

“We do not have a set collaboration schedule,” Unruly said in a statement. “As a social media marketing agency, we regularly meet with our clients to update them on their latest campaigns goals based on their availability.”

Beyond earning revenue from OnlyFans subscribers, Unruly is now working with its influencers on incorporating integrative marketing on OnlyFans through product placement, the manager whose clients worked with Unruly said.

“They are trying to do more integrative brand deals using OnlyFans as not just a platform for selling content but also for promoting,” the manager said. “They are truly using it as another social-media platform.” 

Unruly said the company had connected clients with brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Manscaped for brand partnerships.

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