Indonesian OnlyFans stars The Connell Twins take aim at ‘fans’ who profited off their content

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It’s one thing to enjoy adult content from OnlyFans creators you’re subscribed to, but it’s just wrong to share them outside the platform for your personal gain.

That’s what happened to the Connell Twins, a pair of Indonesian-Australian identical twins who made the jump from Instagram fame to truly NSFW territory on OnlyFans. 

The twins, Christina (Christy) and Carlina (Carly) O’Connell, took to Instagram recently to warn users who spread their OnlyFans-exclusive content on Twitter.

“For those who spread and sold our videos on Twitter, I’ve had enough. We have lawyers in Indonesia, we also have lawyers here [in Australia]. We will take action because you’re not supposed to sell them outside [OnlyFans],” Carly said in a video in a mix of Indonesian and English.

“You can get imprisoned, or fined billions [of rupiah]. There are terms and conditions that you can read on OnlyFans, you can’t spread [the content outside the platform], you can’t make money [off of it]. We will list down numerous accounts that we found on Twitter; we initially let them be because we pitied them, and that they might need money, but they didn’t respect us.”

The 19-year-old twins, whose father is Australian and mother is from Subang, West Java, began their online fame since they were in junior high school through, the lip-sync video sharing platform before it merged with the TikTok platform we know today. Their fame shifted over to Instagram, before they started a YouTube account together where Carly and Christy posted vlogs on shopping hauls, pranks, and reaction videos.

The twins’ posts gradually became more NSFW in the past couple of years, until it peaked when they finally opened an OnlyFans account sometime around last year. In August of last year, Carly and Christy were accused of committing incest after a video believed to have been leaked from their OnlyFans showed them kissing and getting sexually intimate with each other.

Despite the controversies, the Connell Twins claimed that their parents were aware of their OnlyFans and their online shenanigans, to the point that their mother even “supported” them. The twins claimed that the money they gained from OnlyFans have helped them realize their dream of purchasing an apartment together.


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