‘I’m using £12,000 OnlyFans money to buy a London bus and turn it into a home’

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Hayley Rowson, from Abergele in Wales, has earned enough money selling raunchy pictures online to reduce her working hours and buy a London bus to convert into a home

A 27-year-old woman says she has earned enough money selling raunchy pictures online to reduce her working hours and buy a London bus to convert into a home.

Hayley Rowson, from Abergele in Wales, claims to have earned almost £12,000 since the start of the year by uploading pictures and videos to the OnlyFans website.

The courier delivery driver has also been able to reduce her working hours since she began selling photographs and footage, priced from £11 and a subscription fee of £8.98 per month, reports the Daily Post.

With the money she has made so far, Hayley has recently purchased a red London bus for £3,250 and is in the process of converting it in order to move from her home in Abergele and live on the road with her three cats and dog.

Hayley said: “I’ve had a bad few years, recently selling my house after financial difficulties I’ve always liked the idea of living on the road.

“Initially I was looking at a container conversion but liked the idea of a bus.

“I approached a bus company in Holywell and asked them if they had any busses they would like to sell – thankfully, they had the London bus as it does not comply with guidelines from local councils so it wasn’t being used.

“My OnlyFans success, I think is mainly down to the fact that I talk to my subscribers and I answer their messages promptly. Effectively it’s like a business, so regardless of the industry, customer service is key.

“I upload at least three times per day to ensure my content is fresh and people are getting value for their money.

“People need to realise that there is more to life than working early hours until late at night, there are other ways to make money and your body is the biggest asset you have, people should be proud to show it off.

“I think that living for a mortgage is a thing of the past, people like to enjoy themselves, and by going part time in my job that I was once working six days a week in now allows me to have that freedom.

“OnlyFans isn’t just about the money it’s about the freedom to do whatever I want.”

The model has received some abuse for what she does with some people screenshotting her images on OnlyFans and sharing them around. Although she insists it no longer affects her, Hayley points out that it is highly illegal to do such a thing.

Hayley revealed some of the bizarre requests she has received, including: feet-licking and footage of her ‘peeing outdoors. ‘

The former Veterinary nurse said she hates when people are judgemental, adding that she knows some disagree with what the platform stands for but she does not ‘need to hear it continuously’.

She said: “OnlyFans has given me way more confidence, this is the most confident I’ve ever felt in my own skin. Not because of other people loving my body but because I love my body.”

Source: mirror.co.uk

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