I made £700k on OnlyFans by pretending to be a dog – trolls hate it but I don’t care

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A woman has described how she made $1million (£741k) in the space of a year by roleplaying as a dog on popular site OnlyFans.

The platform allows users to share explicit videos and images to subscribers, who pay rolling fees to gain access to content.

And Jenna, known as ‘Puppy Girl Jenna’, has described how she used her interest in the fetish of puppy play (where adults pretend to behave as dogs for sexual thrills) to make huge amounts of money.

Speaking to host Adam22 on his ‘No Jumper’ YouTube channel, Jenna explained that she started off making “vanilla” adult videos but realized that this market was oversaturated, so decided to use her hobby for “puppy play” to make money from a more niche community.

“I wanted to make the content that I wanted to see”

“I was doing it for fun and I was doing it in my free time, and I was doing OnlyFans, but I was just kind of keeping it separate.”

As it turned out, the decision to turn her hand to niche content was hugely successful, with Jenna claiming: “I only started doing it full time last June, and before the year was over, I made over a million dollars.”

The podcast’s host was shocked, responding: “I would not have thought that that fetish would be six figures a month.”

Jenna added: “If you have a specialty and you do it super well, there are tonnes and tonnes of people.”

She went on to describe how she advertises her pages with social media platforms often shutting down her profiles.

In fact, the adult content creator noted that she often uses controversy and outrage to gain followers.

“The way that we market it is kind of by trolling people,” she said.

“So we make these outlandish videos and they’re so much fun to do, and we kind of get people riled up, and there’s a percentage of people who come and find my page and see my OnlyFans.

“I’m like, ‘I’m just having a good time, I’m not hurting anybody, I’m not doing anything bad, I cannot believe that you’re so upset over this’.”

In one promotional stunt, for instance, Jenna recalled how she had drawn criticism for hiring a fake policeman.

She described how the video showed “me in the back of the police car, jumping out and grabbing the sack that protects the arm”.

“I posted that on Twitter and that was a mistake. People were so mad, they were like, ‘you’re making a political statement’, and I was like, ‘I’m literally acting like a dog’.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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