How young Aussie mum-of-two quit her corporate job in banking to sell racy content on OnlyFans – and is now making up to $1,500 a DAY as one of the site’s top earners in the world

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A single mum-of-two who swapped her corporate job for a lucrative career creating racy pictures and videos online is now making almost triple of what she was earning as a banker.

Lucy Banks, from Perth, turned her back on the corporate world at the age of 29 to create exclusive content via OnlyFans, an adults-only subscription service.

The now-31-year-old – who’s in the top 0.83 per cent of OnlyFans earners in the world – said she has been able to give her family-of-three financial stability and send both her sons, aged eight and six, to prestigious private schools.

‘It is the best decision I have ever made. It provides me with full flexibility and freedom to be there for my children, I earn way more money than I did in my corporate job, and my stress levels are minimal,’ Lucy told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I love being a mum, but I was always so worried about trying to provide for my kids. I was always trying to run little businesses and trying to have “side gigs”, but it was really challenging with juggling two young kids, including one with a disability.’

Long before she started creating risqué pictures and videos in her bedroom, Lucy was working 60 hours a week as a banker.

‘It was a good job but it was full on,’ she said.

‘Sometimes, I was awake processing loans at 3am and then having to get up with the kids at 5am. My sons both have complex medical issues, they both see specialists. The money was good as a banker. I had enough. But I never had anything extra.’

She didn’t know anything about OnlyFans until her friend told her about her new job where she was earning $5,000 a month.

‘Admittedly, I was curious but didn’t think it was something I could ever do. But I was so impressed with how much she was making… I signed up that night and the rest is history,’ she said.

Lucy – who has more than 3,600 subscribers who are mostly men aged between 19 and 35 – is now raking in thousands of dollars working from five to six hours a week creating content in front of a camera.

‘I’m earning more than double, almost triple of what I was earning as a corporate banker. The most I’ve made in one day is around $1,500’

‘I spend about 30 hours on social media and doing my marketing. I always say that OnlyFans is 90 per cent about marketing, and 10 per cent about content. There’s no point in making content if you don’t have an audience to view it.’

She is now enjoying a comfortable life with her children and has started to save.

‘I just booked a cruise for us to go on. We’re all so excited. I’ve never been able to splurge on a holiday like this for my family,’ she said.

‘We’ll be able to buy a house soon, which has always been my dream. I have always wanted to have a house that is all ours. I’m not there yet, but soon.’

Lucy said the platform has completely changed her life ‘in so many ways’.

‘I am completely debt-free. I don’t have to worry about how I am going to afford food or that next paediatric appointment. Both my kids are in private schools and I am able to afford the best medical care for them,’ she said.

‘It isn’t about the money for me, it’s about the freedom and the security.’

The mum said her online career has also given her more time to spend with her sons.

‘I am able to be at every sporting event, every school assembly, and every appointment for my children,’ she said. 

As her boys are still young, Lucy said they only know that ‘mum works on her computer and has a business’. 

‘My kids aren’t at an appropriate age to discuss sex or porn. When the time is right, they’ll know everything,’ she said.

Lucy said she’s ‘not ashamed’ about the work she does behind closed doors – and she has always been open about her career with her whole family.

‘My siblings and my cousins were great and incredibly supportive. My parents and extended family took a lot longer to come around. But they can see that I’m happy and my kids are happy, so they’ve come to terms with it,’ she said. 

She said the platform is an ‘incredibly lucrative business’ and it’s a ‘great opportunity’ for mums, especially those struggling financially to provide for their children.

‘OnlyFans is still work, you need to hustle and you need to work it. But if you’re willing to work hard, then the income earnings are limitless’

‘I know what it’s like to look at your kids and know that they deserve the world, but you can’t even afford their sports class. I’ve had to accept handouts for Christmas before. I don’t ever want to go back there, and I don’t want anyone else either.

‘People will find out, and people will talk. But you know what? I’ve felt ashamed about not being able to pay bills. I have never felt ashamed about providing for my children.’


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