How To Shoot Crazy Good OnlyFans Content (And The Stuff You Need)

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Make sure your content is better than the rest with our top tips.

If you are looking to create awesome high-quality OnlyFans content, you’re in the right place.

This guide will show you how to get it done. It will also provide you with a list of things you need to ensure that you are able to create high-quality photo and video content on a regular basis.

Even if you don’t have some of the stuff you need, no need to worry. However, we’ll also show you a neat little way to snag those items even for free (you don’t want to miss that part of the guide). Whether you can afford it or not, you can still be able to get your hands on it one way or another.

High-quality content is king on OnlyFans. The higher the quality, the better you will stand out. And your followers and fans will enjoy plenty of it.

With that said, let’s dive in.

What you need

First, we’re going to put together a list of things you’ll need in order to shoot high-quality content. Most of the time, OnlyFans creators starting out won’t have the equipment below. But you can still be able to leverage what you have for the time being.

1. Smartphone (iPhone or Android)

What better way to start creating your OnlyFans content by using a smartphone. The latest phones for Android and iPhone will be sufficient. What you need to look for here is a camera that can take high-quality pictures and videos.

Keep in mind however that these smartphones are not cheap. If you are looking for one on a budget, find the best that you can afford in terms of photo and video quality. If your current smartphone has decent quality, that might be enough.

Almost 80 to 90 percent of the time, most of the OnlyFans content that you’ll create will be done on your smartphone. Plus, you can be able to use the OnlyFans app to upload your content to the OnlyFans site once you are satisfied.

Keep in mind though, the more expensive the phone, the better the quality will likely be. For example, the iPhone 11 is the best possible option for you if you prefer Apple to Android.

2. Tripod

Not all of your materials will be created with your smartphone in hand. That’s why it’s important to consider getting a tripod. Be sure to find one that will be compatible with your smartphone of choice.

You’ll also need a tripod that is easy to use, set up, and can be able to stand up straight whenever you are creating your content. Whether it’s photos or videos, a nice sturdy tripod complete with different height adjustments, swivels, and so much more will do you some good.

3. Ring light

Lighting is important when it comes to creating content. That’s why a ring light will be the best option. You don’t need to use a desk lamp or the light in your room since it can do more harm than good to your overall content quality.

Most ring lights come with a white light while some others come in different shades of the same color. Either way, the light needs to be white and bright enough to enhance the quality of your shots (regardless if it’s photo or video).

4. Digital camera

Your smartphone may not be enough if you are looking to produce high-quality content. If you want high-quality images, you’re going to need a digital camera that gets the job done. The search is where things can get really tough – check out our list of the best cameras for OnlyFans and other fan platforms here.

You’ll need to find a camera that has the ability to take high-quality photos and videos. There are cameras available on the market that are taken in different resolutions. Then comes the price itself. If you have a budget, this means choosing the right quality and resolution that fits your budget.

However, this is one camera that you can consider if you need a digital camera that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Not only can it take great quality images, but it does a pretty good job shooting high-quality videos as well. It can make for a great backup camera if your smartphone isn’t necessary.

The one trick that could get you some of the items you need above (even for free)

If you are running short on cash and need some of the items listed above, there’s a way to go about acquiring them even for free. But here’s the caveat: you’ll obviously need an OnlyFans account to make this work. One of the things that OnlyFans allows is the inclusion of an Amazon wishlist.

A typical practice that happens on OnlyFans is that fans and subscribers can be able to purchase an item for a content creator on the latter’s wishlist. The subscriber or fan can purchase the product via Amazon and have it arranged to be sent to your address. Of course, this is done at no cost to you.

With that said, take the time to find the items you want to make high-quality OnlyFans content. Remember to choose wisely when it comes to each item. The quality and performance should matter more than price. Also, don’t be tempted to choose the most expensive item on the list since it might likely sit there and you may never have it.

Also, be sure to refer your followers and subscribers to your wishlist. If you have items you need to create high-quality content, explain to them why you need these items. They will be more than grateful to help you even if it means more high-quality content that they’ve paid for.

Alternatively, you could purchase the items yourself once you earn a consistent stream of money on OnlyFans. If you choose to buy it yourself, be sure to delete it from your wishlist so you don’t get two of the same items.

Content creation tips

Now that you have some of the stuff you need, it’s time to create some content. But don’t start up just yet without knowing these tips below. The more you put these to good use, the better your content will likely turn out.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Starting with just a smartphone is fine

If you are starting out with creating OnlyFans content, then it’s OK to start out with a smartphone that you currently use. One of the major drawbacks is the quality may not be the best. At some point, you will probably need to invest in a new smartphone or even a digital camera (if you are planning on creating mostly image content).

Most OnlyFans creating content had to start somewhere. And they worked with very little. If they can start out and work their way up, so can you.

2. Lighting improves the image and video quality

Even if the image and video quality is good enough by itself, it still might not be enough without good lighting. This is where using a good ring light comes in handy. It can make your body look more aesthetically pleasing.

The brighter the light, the better the quality. But don’t go too bright to the point where it can cause issues with the image quality.

3. Take multiple images

This is key here. You’ll be taking multiple images at some point so you can package them in a nice content update for your subscribers. Some of them will turn out great while others won’t be so great.

With multiple images, you can choose which ones that are best and disregard the others. It will give you more options to work with rather than take one photo, delete it, and repeat the process in vain. The more images you take, the more options you have.

4. Have fun with content creation

One of the things that people try to do when creating content is to make it perfect. Don’t worry about perfection. Just have fun with the whole creation process.

If you think about it, a lot of your subscribers can tell whether or not you are having fun with creating your content or simply just getting frustrated because you are trying to make everything perfect. Also, some people may not like your content and it won’t be your fault. There are people who simply just hate everything (and they are hard to please).

5. Use one of your images or videos as a preview on social media

Since promoting your OnlyFans is a must, it’s important to use one of the pieces of content you create and use it as a preview on your social media accounts. Keep in mind that some social media platforms can allow adult content and some may not. Choose wisely on where to promote your OnlyFans page.

For example, Reddit and Twitter are two of the best social media platforms that allow adult content. Instagram on the other hand, does not. If you choose to promote using the latter, use a preview photo that doesn’t display nudity or anything that may violate the terms.

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