How To Quickly Gain Likes on OnlyFans

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Having a lot of likes on your profile is really important because no one wants to subscribe to a profile with 12 likes total.

Humans naturally follow what is already popular – this is the principle of SOCIAL PROOF.

Social proof means you need to have a large amount of likes on your profile so that your profile has a good status.

Having lots of likes will help convince people to subscribe to your page.

There are four main ways to gain profile likes quickly

Like your own Posts

Likes on OnlyFans are not public. So nobody will notice that you’ve liked your own content – but the total number of Likes visible will increase.

Yes, you can buy likes but it’s really not necessary.

If you for some reason only want one OnlyFans page and it’s a paid page we advise you to offer free trials (30 days free) until you’ve got reached into the thousands of profile likes, maybe even tens of thousands.

Add the following text to your welcome message:

“Thank you for joining my page babe! Like all my posts and DM saying done for a free uncovered pic! ”

Another example:

“Thank you for joining my OnlyFans! I’m so happy to have you on board. Please click/tap the heart under posts that you like. Then I’ll know what to post more of in the future! Tips under posts help with that, too. Thank you! “

You don’t need to copy & paste this exact message, get creative and add your own twist!

When you get the DM’s saying ‘done’ you can check they actually liked your posts and then send the pic/video as a reward.

This way you’re getting likes on your profile for free. 

Pinned Post (recommended when starting out)

Create a pinned post where you promise a reward in exchange for liking all of your posts or a certain number of them.

This reward could be a bonus video or picture you haven’t posted yet.

Between your welcome message and pinned post you should start to gain profile likes very quickly once you start to promote your account

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