How To Protect Your Security On OnlyFans

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Whether you are posting a photo of your dog or a picture of yourself in lingerie, sharing things on the internet always comes with a hint of risk. There’s going to be someone out there who can try to steal your content, your name, or your credit card info, which is why it’s important to think about protecting your security.

Circling back to lingerie, privacy becomes even more important on social media platforms like OnlyFans. This site, in particular, has made waves throughout quarantine as it offers a way to earn money from home. You can share anything from cooking videos to workout tutorials — and yes, sexy snapshots and videos — to your subscribers or fanbase. But even though the site offers lots of perks, it still begs the question: Is OnlyFans secure?

You can think about security from a creator’s point of view. Is it safe to share photos? Will my content be protected? What if someone hacks my account? You can also think about it from a fan’s POV, seeing as you might want to subscribe to someone’s page and send cash tips. So let’s talk about how secure OnlyFans really is and how you can keep yourself safe.

How OnlyFans Protects Creators

To keep your account secure, OnlyFans offers a two-step verification option. That means you’ll need to retrieve a code from a Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator any time you want to sign in. It’s basically an extra layer of protection beyond your usual password.

You can also see a list of your log-in sessions at Settings > Account. It’s a good idea to check this list regularly to see if anything seems out of the ordinary. According to the OnlyFans blog, if you have reason to believe someone is accessing your account without your permission, you’ll want to change your password ASAP.

If you’re unable to log in — like, if that person hacked your account and changed your password before you noticed something was amiss — it’s possible to create a support ticket so the OnlyFans Support Team can help you get back in. This is all in the name of helping you, the creator, have more security.

Keeping Yourself & Your Content Safe

Since the last thing you want is for some rando to share your photos and videos without your consent, OnlyFans encourages creators to protect content with a watermark. You can do this by going into Security Settings and adding text to your photos and videos.

Now let’s say a fan makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason. That’s when the blocking feature will come in handy. To block or restrict someone, go to your subscribers list, click on the three dots next to their name, and choose the appropriate action.

It’s also possible to alter your visibility settings to add yet another layer of privacy and security. You can choose whether or not people can leave comments, see if you’re active online, and whether they can view the sum total of your tips.

How OnlyFans Protects Subscribers

If you want to spend money on OnlyFans by subscribing or tipping, you’ll go through a 3D secure checkout to ensure your credit or debit card info isn’t stolen.

You’ve seen this before on other websites. OnlyFans will prompt you to verify your card by entering a verification code or SMS code.

Of course, as with any site, it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll have 100% security on OnlyFans. There have been breaches in the past, and there will be people out there who don’t have your best interests in mind. But for both creators and fans, it’s good to know that the site offers quite measures to keep information secure.


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