How race car driver-turned-OnlyFans star Renee Gracie has made a whopping $4million in 18 months as she reveals her ‘weirdest’ requests from subscribers

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She ditched her career as a V8 Supercars driver to become one of Australia’s most successful subscription-based adult stars.

And on Monday, Renee Gracie lifted the lid on some of the weirdest requests she’s received from her subscribers since her drastic career change 18 months ago.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 26-year-old – who has raked in ‘close to $4million’ working in the adult industry – revealed some fans have offered money for a sample of her urine.

‘I get people asking to bottle [my urine] up and send it to them,’ she candidly admitted. ‘I do weeing videos, but I don’t do it on anybody.’

Renee went on to say she’s currently in the process of figuring how she could safely – and hygienically – transport the urine for those in the market for it in future. 

‘I’m still considering how to do the bottle option, as I would hate for it to spill…’ she said.

Renee says she’s also received ‘armpit video request’.

‘I’ve also had a few armpit video requests, which has been weird,’ she explained. 

Renee began posting cheeky photos of herself on OnlyFans in late 2020, but soon started sharing explicit videos after earning $3,000 in her first week.

Now, 18 months later, she proudly admits she’s made close to $4million in the adult industry. 

‘I’m pretty comfortable, let’s put it that way!’ she said. 

Renee hit headlines in July, after it was revealed she had been banned from every popular social media platform for her racy content.

She now has a ‘back-up’ Instagram account with 29,000 followers, after her previous 700k follower-strong page was removed.

Renee recently reached out to Donald Trump’s team in the hopes of joining his class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google, which the former president initiated over similar bans.

‘There would be girls in my position who lost their pages and didn’t have other things going on, and were solely relying on advertising through their Instagram,’ she added.

‘That’s the whole point – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone has a right to use these platforms.’


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