How can I download OnlyFans videos in Chrome without using an extension?

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Onlyfans Is not providing direct option to download their video i have searched lot and ask with friends to get any solution

Some said you can use chrome extension , and some say try this method

After tried everything i am here to Answer this question , I don’t need anything just a upvote if you find worth it

Lets Me tell you what we tried and what’s their result

  1. onlyfans downloader chrome extension

Chrome extension is one of the easiest solution to download video from onlyfans but they will work for some times and after onlyfans developer found they fix them so later it cant work so people start thinking it not worked for me.

Here is the screenshot :-

2. Using Online Downloader Websites

After trying chrome extension for some days i start facing issue to download video so i start searching for new ways

and after few days of research i found a new way to download onlyfans video in just one click

You need to visit online downloader website this is not name its just example you need to find yourself

Its keep updating so no need to worry about it

Just copy video url ( Link ) and paste into the online downloader and hit download button its proceed video then option will comes

Which format you want to download just select it and you download will start

its download as faster as your internet speed

3. Not tested By Me But Might Be Working :-

You need browser like uc browser who will give you direct option to download video once its start rendering on their server

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