Help! I want to start an OnlyFans but idk what to do!!! TOP TIPS

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Ah ok I’m speaking from experience and what I’ve learned from my own mistakes and others. Here are a few things. Also make sure to check out The Definitive All In One Guide to Get Started On OnlyFans

1) don’t even start if you won’t be dedicated.

I’m not saying this to be a jerk but you will only go mad. Unless you already have a following of 30,000 people, 9/10 of you will struggle at least the first few months getting your feet wet.

2) advertise advertise advertise

Everywhere. IG, Twitter, Reddit, everywhere. Everyday. It takes one minute.

3) time management

Do you have a vanilla job? On your days off, dedicate at least two hours into making content. Here’s the trick I do: I make content the first week of the month and slowly publish it throughout the month so I don’t feel so burned out. Change outfits, change positions, change lighting, and get to work.

4) set goals

I try to double my income I made last month. I try to add twenty more followers than I had last month each month. Or set a weekly quota.

5) sell a fantasy, please

I’m also a customer to many Onlyfans girls. I usually unsubscribe if all I see if mirror selfies of your tits and occasionally your a*hole. I actually suggest this because it helps me keep me motivated for one and two, I can kind of learn from others.

6) don’t show ALL the goods

Upsell. Again, I’m also a customer. Why would I buy your video if I saw most of the dam clip on my feed? What I usually do is go to Instagram camera, put icons on my nipples and/or pussy (always cover pussy. Men pay for pussy. Pussy is power. Or dick too) here’s an example: make a 4-10 second clip of the video, covering the goods, and show the good part (squirting, “fuck me daddy”, the part where you can hear how wet you are) and post it onto your feed. Then, encourage customers to buy it if they tip or purchase in your messages.

7) NEVER take outside payment

I learned this the hard way. Don’t listen to the guy who says “hey I’ll cashapp/PayPal/Venmo you if you just send me the video”. I did this via PayPal and I had to give the guy his money back PLUS a charge back fee smh because he filed a claim.I’ve heard from other girls it isn’t just with PayPal but almost ALL outside payments. I encourage users to just use Onlyfans payment.

8) you come first

Don’t feel pressured into doing something you don’t do. If you don’t show yourself nude, then don’t unless YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. If you’re having a bad day, it’s ok to take a day off. Of course I encourage to advertise every day but hell even I don’t advertise every day. Some days I crawl in bed and watch the sun rise and set and only move to pee. It’s ok. You’re important. If they love you like I love you, they’ll understand.

9) don’t be a bore, have fun

I swear to god if I see you playing withco pussy one more time I’m gonna scream. Be creative! Do outdoor scenes. Shower scenes. Mall (I did that…very fun) scenes. Window scenes. Switch positions. Do toy reviews. POV scenes (ex: watch me ride you). Scenes where you’re IDK cooking or doing laundry naked. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND STOP DOING THE SAME OLD “oooo daddi yeAh I’m sewwwwww wet fur yew”(in the odd squeaky pornstar voice)

10) understand the risks

You WILL be recorded. Your videos WILL be saved. You MIGHT have someone you love find out (depends on how big you get. You WILL be recognized(someone said my stage name AT MY VANILLA JOB). If you’re nervous about someone finding out, I suggest you don’t do this only because it will haunt you and hold you back. You won’t reach your biggest level if you’re scared of mommy and daddy finding out. I had to sit myself down and really think if this is what I wanted to do. It took me awhile before I was comfortable enough to not give a damn who found out.

11) don’t remake rushed content

Customers can tell when you took ten minutes to film a crappy video and trying to sell it. Take your time or don’t do it at all.

12) don’t be pushy

Don’t send out messages every single day damn near begging for a buy. It’s like how you walk in Victoria’s Secret and someone comes up to you and asks for help. You say no, then someone else does. You say no, thennnn someone else does. Then you walk out the store. Don’t do that. I usually send out messages once or twice a week (if I send one out Monday, I’ll send another out on Friday!)

13) don’t fall for people

Trying to charge you hundreds of dollars for things you can either figure out yourself or find someone who is charging much less.

14) don’t engage in the like for like with Onlyfans

You want to focus on actual people who will spend actual money, don’t focus on no damn likes for “fraud followers” as I like to call them because giving another Onlyfans model a free trial doesn’t benefit you as much as putting the effort in to gain followers who will subscribe for a long period of time and spend money on your exclusive content.

15) YouTube

…now has many videos with tips and tricks for Onlyfans, unlike a year or so ago. Use that to your advantage to gain knowledge

16) don’t get caught up

…with just being an Onlyfans model. Brand yourself so that when you decide to not do Onlyfans anymore, if you decide, you can branch off to something else. Invest in professional photos or even skills such as social media marketing, modeling, mentoring, etc etc because you always want more than one stream of income. Onlyfans can shut down today or tomorrow JUST LIKE THE STRIP CLUBS DID and you’ll be stuck.

17) show fans a glimpse in your life

…so that they feel like they know you. I do art so I showcase that sometimes so it feels more personal. It can be gardening, cooking, exercising, or even praying.

Be safe, be smart and have fun!

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