Having trouble gaining subs? Read this!

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If you have a new account (<1 month) or an older account with a low sub count, please follow these steps before posting a question about what you should be doing to gain more subs:

  1. Click here. This will take you to the top posts of all time on this sub. Read through EVERY advice post on the first one or two pages (at least). Your question has likely already been answered countless times.
  2. Start keeping track of how often you post to social media. Tally this number up. When you first start, you’ll see the most success posting 10, 15+ times a day to Reddit. Think you’re posting a lot? You probably aren’t. I felt like I was posting CONSTANTLY when I first started. After tallying it up, it turns out that I averaged 5-6 posts a day. Definitely not a full-time posting schedule.
  3. Post more. After seeing your numbers from #3, you’ll likely come to realize that you should be posting much more frequently.
  4. Keep your expectations reasonable. While it is possible that you’ll make bank the moment you start advertising, most of the “I made $10k in my first month on OF” posters on here either got lucky and went viral in some way or are incredibly conventionally attractive young women who worked their butts off every day. I wouldn’t consider myself unattractive, feel free to check my profile to verify, but in my first month on OF, I gained 4 subscribers and made $41. OnlyFans is a long game that will likely take time to build momentum for.
  5. Avoid OF-specific subs. These are typically echo chambers full of creators.
  6. Up your content quality. Look at your profile as a potential sub would. Do your photos look nice and varied? Are they spammy or annoying (emojis and blurry censorship, obvious filters, etc)? Have you taken the time to look into photography and modeling theory (with an emphasis on lighting, framing, and posing), or did you just whip out your phone and start taking photos? Are you astroturfing? All of these can be indicative of why your sub count is low.
  7. Up the amount of content you have on OF. A month in and you still only have 15 photos and 3 videos up on your page? Potential subs can see this information! Why would they sub to you when they could sub to someone who’s similar in many ways, but has 1k photos and over 4 hours worth of content?
  8. Advertise your personality and show character. This one helps slightly mitigate the effects of #7 and gives them a reason to sub to you despite a lack of content. Sometimes when you’re new, you need to rely on this point while you build up content. Posting to your profile and creating a subreddit dedicated to your OF persona are both good ways to do this.
  9. Don’t forget about the small subs. It can feel amazing to get 100 upvotes on a post in a 1M+ subreddit, but upvotes aren’t what get you subs – views are. Try to make it onto the Hot pages of subreddits that you feel comfortable with. You want your post up and visible for as long as possible, not upvoted heavily before being lost in the crowd.

And again, read the posts of those who have come before. They’ve spent hours upon hours writing guides and helpful notes, so it’s respectful to take two minutes of your time to make sure that you’ve used the search function on this sub. A lot of them will go into more depth on what I’ve written here, so please check out other posts if you don’t understand why I included a point above that I did. 🙂

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