From welfare to living in the lap of luxury: Onlyfans model, 21, reveals what life was really like before starting her lucrative career

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A glamorous social media influencer has revealed what life was really like before starting a lucrative career on OnlyFans.

Anna Paul now lives in the lap of luxury in her waterfront mansion with an in-built elevator on the Gold Coast in Queensland – complete a spectacular kitchen, swimming pool, jacuzzi, a private cinema, a $100,000 rock wall and a 10-car garage.

The 21-year-old has since built a legion of 1.2 million followers on TikTok, and she’s one of Australia’s highest earners on OnlyFans where she charges fans a fee in exchange for raunchy, nude pictures and saucy strip videos.

But long before she found fame and fortune on social media, Anna led a very different life growing up.

She has never been shy to talk openly about her family’s struggle to make ends meet, in which previously revealed they once owned an old van with ‘milk crates’ used as seats and lived off just $30 a week to feed a family of four.

‘We grew up not having a lot of money,’ she told 10 Studio.

‘But our family life was always so amazing so it didn’t matter that much. We couldn’t do a lot of stuff because we didn’t have the money.’ 

When she turned about 15 years old, Anna said she got a job at Woolworths just so she could use the money to treat her mother to a pair of shoes.

‘I went to her in the kitchen, and said, “Mum, I want to get a job because I want to start buying you gifts” and she said “okay, you can do that”,’ she recalled.

After saving enough money, Anna took her mother shopping.

‘I said “ok mamma, I’m going to buy you a pair of Birkenstocks”. She started crying in the shopping centre because she did not expect that at all.’

Since then, Anna – who’s in the top 0.2 per cent of OnlyFans earners in the world – has been able to sustain her luxurious lifestyle via the subscription service where she charges a fee of $19.48 for three months, $35.96 for six or $59.94 for one year.

Speaking about her huge social media fanbase, Anna said it was all ‘random’.

‘You just post a lot and all of a sudden, the followers start to come in, and it just starts growing and growing. And that’s how it happened,’ she explained. 

Anna revealed she gets bombarded with nasty remarks every single day, which includes ‘get a real job’ or ‘that’s not a real job’. 

‘But you know what? If that’s not a real job, then where’s the money coming from? The money is real so the job is real,’ she said.

When asked if she pays her tax, Anna said: ‘100 per cent. We have to pay our taxes and we have to see our accountant just like a regular job. Just because we’re not hired by an employer, doesn’t mean it’s any less real. It’s still a lot of work.’ 

She now lives in the spectacular mansion with her boyfriend Glen Thomson, her brother Atis Paul, 19, and his OnlyFans star girlfriend Mikaela Testa, 20.

And it isn’t the first time Anna has spoke about her tough upbringing.

In a TikTok video last August, she shared the truth behind pictures of her ‘wealthy’ lifestyle taken during her teenage years – including a picture of herself enjoying first class and getting expensive gifts from her family.

‘A girl tried to expose me for lying about being broke,’ Anna said in her TikTok video.

Long before she made a living selling pictures and videos of herself, Anna shared snaps of herself in first class and a Louis Vuitton wallet gifted on her 16th birthday.

‘My Instagram pictures are fake. Instagram is fake, Instagram is not real,’ she said.

Sharing a picture of herself flying first class to Dubai, Anna said she was only upgraded to the seat after her brother vomited all over her in economy class.

‘This is me in 2014. First class, right, rich. No,’ she said.

‘My whole family lives in Germany and we went to go visit them, but of course we couldn’t afford plane tickets for everyone so my uncle bought two plane tickets – one for my brother, one for me in economy.

‘And during the last 30 minutes of the trip, my brother vomited on me. He vomited all over the seats, and he vomited all over me.

‘So they put us in first class in the last 20 minutes because we were minors and I flexed it. Instagram is fake.’

For her 16th birthday, Anna said her mother set aside some money from her welfare benefits over an entire year just so she could surprise her with an expensive gift.

‘My mother bought me a Louis Vuitton wallet. It cost $500… she got $250 on Centrelink a week and she saved up for a year,’ she explained.

Anna shared a picture of a YSL purchase after she decided to spoil herself with the last $50 to her name.

‘This is a $50 YSL lipstick. I bought this and I couldn’t afford the train ticket home, I had to illegally jump on the train,’ she admitted.

Anna said her Tiffany and Co jewellery was gifted to her from her younger brother Atis who found a lucrative way to save up for her birthday.

‘When Atis was 13 he used to buy hookahs online for really cheap and then sell them at school for $10 each. For my 16th birthday he saved up for these for me,’ she said. 

She revealed her love for designer labels, saying she used to put $10 away a week just so she could save up money to treat herself with expensive products.

In 2019, Anna shared a YouTube video revealing how she purchased herself her dream car after her family struggled to buy a ‘modern’ vehicle when she was young.

‘I don’t mean it as an ungrateful way. I’m very grateful that we were even able to afford a car,’ she explained.

‘The car that we then had was a white van that don’t have any windows in the back and guess what, it didn’t have any seats in the back either, it had milk crates on the ground at the back of the van we sat on as chairs.

‘That’s the car we had because that’s all we can afford because we had no money.’


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