Former ‘X Factor’ Contestant Makes Nearly $1M Per Month On Adult Site OnlyFans

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Chloe Khan competed on The X Factor in 2010 under the name Chloe Victoria. The young mother sported a different look back then and spoke about how she felt like she didn’t really fit in. The model has had quite the transformation since then and has become very successful on the adult site OnlyFans.

Chloe Khan Had A Rocky ‘X Factor’ Experience In 2010

Before her ‘X Factor’ audition, Chloe said that it usually takes her three hours to get ready. For her, appearance meant everything. When Chloe stepped out onto the stage, Simon Cowell looked shocked by the 19-year-olds appearance. Simon asked Chloe if she had any prior singing experience and she responded “no.”

Her audition of “Summertime” without any backtrack got over 10 million views. Simon asked Chloe if she could sing a second song. She began singing a Shakira hit. “She would be a nightmare to work with” Simon muttered under his breath. He stopped her from singing once again. Chloe was persistent and said that she is going through a lot and would like another chance.

She sang for the third time and the judges reluctantly put her through to Bootcamp. The night before her next performance she went out partying. Unfortunately, her performance was not enough to impress the judges. The same day her ‘X Factor’ elimination aired on television, pictures of Chloe snorting cocaine surfaced on the internet, along with an extensive criminal history and allegations that the singer had sex for money.

She Went Through A Massive Transformation

Chloe came back into the spotlight sporting a very dramatic look years later. She entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016 and was the third houseguest to be evicted. “I have had slight rhinoplasty just to neaten my nose and obviously I’ve had a boob job or two taking my breasts to a 32HH,” she said in an interview in 2017. She also had a Brazilian butt lift. “I’ve spent about £20k on my boobs, £8.5k on veneers, my nose job was £9k and my lips were another £10k, – so it’s about £50k in total,” she said.

Chloe has posed for Playboy in several countries and often shares sexy snaps on Instagram.

Chloe Now Has Major Success On The Adult Site OnlyFans

Like many celebrities and influencers, Chloe joined the adult site OnlyFans. She is currently charging $20 per month for a subscription to access exclusive content. She is estimated to earn £700,000 a month which is nearly $1 million.

Chloe previously defended her surgery choices on The Victoria Derbyshire Show. “Everybody’s getting surgery. If I’m in a hair salon, the hairdresser is like, ‘Oh, I’m getting a BBL next week,’ then Jane down the road is getting it too” she said. “People are so blasé about it, myself as well, it just doesn’t seem as a serious as it used to be anymore, which is worrying.”

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