Ex-Disney star Maitland Ward ‘making six figures per month on OnlyFans’

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Boy Meets World actress turned porn star Maitland Ward claims she’s earning six figures a month on OnlyFans.

The former Disney star, who played Rachel McGuire on the much-loved teen sitcom, says she is now making more each month than she ever made during her acting career.

Speaking to TMZ, she explained: ‘I have amazing fans that have just shown up, really it was a time [during the pandemic] when we were alone and stressed and that’s a time when we need to connect and get off.

‘I feel very fortunate because I get six figures a month from OnlyFans – and continually too.’

She continued that the subscription service site allows her to make ‘more money and feel more powerful than I ever have in my life.’ Advertisement Advertisement

Maitland appeared in her first adult film back in 2019, and has gained 1.5million followers on Instagram as she posts provocative images online. 

However, she’ll soon be splitting her time between OnlyFans and acting when she starts shooting for her new TV sitcom, The Big Time in May.

Speaking to The Post, Maitland opened up about her plans to return to TV as she announced she’ll be starring in and producing the comedy series.

She explained: ‘I want to slay both industries. I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power.

‘When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be.’

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