Finally! Yanet García launches OnlyFans account and this is how it looks

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Finally! Yanet García launches OnlyFans account and this is how it looks | Instagram

The famous former weather girl Yanet García recently launched her OnlyFans account and, as expected, it unleashed an incredible controversy on all social networks, as her followers had been waiting for this for a long time.

That’s right, the gorgeous Yanet is now also betting on exclusive content while pursuing a nutrition career.

There is no doubt that the life of Yanet García, better known as “La chica del clima” in the famous morning show Hoy, radically changed in just a few months.

And the beautiful presenter left the Televisa forums and weather forecasts to focus on fitness routines, however, after helping her mother achieve her health goals, she decided to venture into a new profession: Health coach now and a controversial account on OnlyFans.

Hello, hello, I’m Yanet García and I invite you to see my exclusive content on Onlyfans ”, said the model in her most recent post on Instagram.

There she also shared in a video her exercise routines, fragments like the weather girl and some of her career as an actress.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment, his announcement gave him 310 thousand 599 likes and the compliments of his followers and at the moment it has more than 500 thousand reproductions.

It’s the best day of my life, “said a user when he learned that García will have his private content account.

On the other hand, he also received some bad comments, since some Internet users thought that he has already taught “everything” without having to pay Only Fans.

It should be noted that the young woman, who in January of last year settled in the United States in search of new opportunities and to be closer to her boyfriend Lewis Howe, decided to professionalize her knowledge and become accredited at the Institute for integrative nutrition ( IIN).

In this way, the Mexican will not only give advice based on her experience, but on the knowledge obtained from her classes at the renowned North American institution, which is licensed by the New York State Department of Education.

The most important thing is that this news made her known through a video published on her official Instagram account, where she was seen very excited and even tearful, faced with the challenge that she decided to tackle with the intention of improving her life and life. of the people around her.

However, OnlyFans has been a controversial platform, since this, of online content, has become a source of income for many people, especially women who saw the possibility of capitalizing with the sale of erotic photos and videos the economic losses caused by the pandemic stoppage.

But the OnlyFans phenomenon is not new or exclusive to contingency times, on the contrary it has been simmering for years, to the extent that generators and generators of adult content were populating these platforms until they found OnlyFans in favorite place to carry your activities.

And the fact is that the platform as such has existed since 2016 and, contrary to what many may think, it was not created to host adult content.

On the contrary, its original objective was aimed at content creators such as youtubers or influencers who wanted to offer Premium content through the subscription payment model, something that other platforms such as Patreon had been doing three years earlier.

And such has been the rise of OnlyFans that famous singers, actresses or actors have opened their accounts, musical groups are finding a niche here to explore new markets, it has been among the most searched terms of the year on Google in countries like Spain, Chile or Colombia.

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