Couple earns £56k a month on OnlyFans by inspiring others to have sex

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Luana Kazaki and Arthur O Urso are pocketing £56,000 a month from creating an OnlyFans account. The kinky pair are inspiring couples to have sex with one another.

A couple has lifted the lid on their latest venture after creating an OnlyFans account during the coronavirus pandemic.

Luana Kazaki and Arthur O Urso earn around £56,000 a month from uploading exclusive content on their adults-only platform.

The lovebirds are one of the few couples to have a shared profile on the subscription website.

To help during the pandemic, Luana and Arthur share their sex tips with those in relationships struggling in the bedroom.

Speaking about their venture, the pair said: “We were able to inspire other couples to have sex in the pandemic.”

With their saucy tips, the duo pocket around £56,000 each month helping people.

It comes as studies have shown the number of divorces have increased worldwide during the pandemic.

But the couple say they’re now contributing on OnlyFans to help lower those frightening statistics.

They added: “We teach everything through the platform, from different positions to even encouraging couples to go swinging.

“Many did not know or were afraid of the techniques, but our tips made couples get closer at home.”

Luana and Arthur say the platform today is one of their biggest sources of income.

And now they want to prosper with the “family business”.

The kinky couple continued: “OnlyFans has brought us endless opportunities.”

Cassia Mello decided to offer some advice to help lustful duos make the most of their cheeky antics this year.

The model earns money by posting sexy photos and videos online which people can subscribe to view – so she’s a bit of a pro.

She said: “Lust has been building up for those who do not live in the same house as their partner and this is becoming a big problem.

“I think virtual sex is the best solution for all of us, and I think that it is growing in popularity.”


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