‘Cocaine Cassie’ launches raunchy OnlyFans account to finance life on parole in Colombia

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Cassandra Sainsbury is stranded in the Colombian capital after being released from jail due to the coronavirus crisis, but is unable to work or get financial support from home.

A convicted drugs smuggler who became internationally famous during her high profile court case has launched an OnlyFans page after being released from prison during the Covid pandemic.

Cassie Sainsbury – the former sex worker from Sydney Australia who became notorious as “Cocaine Cassie” after she was sentenced to six years in a Colombian prison for smuggling drugs – has launched her own paid-for pics page.

“Cocaine Cassie” says she needs to raise money to help rebuild her life after being released from Bogota’s forbidding El Buen Pastor prison.

She was arrested at Bogota airport in 2017 with almost six kilograms of cocaine stashed inside 18 pairs of headphones. She faced up to 21 years in prison, but managed to get her sentence reduced to six years after a judge accepted a plea deal.

Now Cassie, 25, is charging admirers $39.99 (about £29) for photos of herself in lingerie… with the teasing caption “What happens next?” promising that there might be more revealing images to come.

She appears to have got the idea for selling the snaps during an interview with Australian radio station B105 after she let slip that a fan had been paying her 400 Australian Dollars (a little under £225) a week for intimate photos.

“I had never even heard of this page,” she told the interviewers, and explains that she had been bombarded with messages from fans asking for the address of her OnlyFans.

Cassie says that she fell into becoming a drugs mule after a stint as a sex worker in a Sydney brothel called Club 220.

She had only expected to work there as a receptionist, she says, but was talked into sex work despite “not being comfortable” with it.

“Everyone makes mistakes and I was looking for a way to get out of the hole I was in,” she explained to WHO magazine.”

Cassandra Sainsbury Instagram images. cassieleigh_p_t Source: Instagram

“It got to a point where I had rent to pay and bills and shopping, everything was piling on top of me,” she added.

“Everyone assumed that because I worked at the brothel, then I was guilty of being involved with drugs. For a lot of people, sex work and drugs go hand in hand.”

Cassie found love in jail – striking up a friendship with fellow inmate Joli Pico which grew into romance and they decided to get married.

But she says that the relationship with the 29-year-old Venezuelan thief is unlikely to continue now that they are separated.

She told 60 Minutes that romance “was the least thing that I expected to find in prison… it started as a friendship and then out of nowhere it just turned into a relationship.”

But it hasn’t worked out: “unfortunately things with Joli, they didn’t last. I came out of prison and then she became a different person, and she got with somebody else inside as well.”

She won’t be far from her ex-fiancée though. Cassie has been ordered to stay in Colombia for the next eighteen months as part of her parole conditions.

She was released in April on the condition that to serve the remainder of her sentence on parole in Colombian capital Bogota, as part of an effort to reduce overcrowding during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She’s hoping that her presence on the OnlyFans platform will help support her until she can go home to Australia.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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