Cebuana model escapes poverty with OnlyFans career

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A 21-year old Cebu native opened up about how quitting her teaching profession to become an OnlyFans celebrity has helped her family escape poverty.

Maeurn Smiles, who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in the province of Cebu, has had quite a turn of luck with her career change. Just two years after kicking off her OnlyFans account, the Filipina model has already made a name for herself with over 150,000 Instagram followers.

With the luxury of her current job, she is now raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, allowing her to travel all across Southeast Asia.

Maeurn, who used to be an English teacher earning a measly $1 per hour, now boasts a five-figure salary each month. Her new profession has lifted her family from poverty and offered them a new start.

“My family was living in poverty before OnlyFans and now they live very comfortably for a family in the Philippines,” she told Jam Press.

“Life growing up was really tough, I only realized just how tough after making some money. We ate very basic food every day, like rice and dried fish.”

“I remember feeling hungry often and our parents borrowed money and got food from our neighbors regularly. Our home was made out of wood like a hut.”

Maeurn learned about responsibility at a young age. When she was just eight years old Maeurn, who has two younger siblings, was obliged to care for them while her parents worked.

“I was responsible for everything about them; feeding, cleaning, everything,” she said.

Looking back it was actually quite a tough childhood. It always gave me a desire to do better.

“I really didn’t know how much responsibility I actually had at a young age until I got older, but looking back it was actually quite a tough childhood. It always gave me a desire to do better.”

Maeurn’s father worked long hours as a construction driver, while her mother cleaned houses to add to their family’s income.

Maeurn started working as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher when she was 18 years old. But at only $1 an hour, the pay was barely enough to make ends meet.

“I was just unable to support myself, let alone my family,” she said.

Determined to escape poverty, Maeurn felt it was time to branch out.

After hearing about other women’s success on sites like OnlyFans, she launched her own account back in 2019. 

She sees her new job as a “win-win,” because she gets to do what she enjoys while also earning enough money to support her family.

Now, Maeurn pays for her siblings’ education, as well as their groceries and other bills.

“Now, I’m safe in my own home, and I can be myself and make my fans and family happy at the same time.

Mauern has also already purchased a parcel of property on which she plans to construct a three-bedroom house with a pool later this year.

My dream is to buy my family land and build a mansion when I’m able to.

“My dream is to buy my family land and build a mansion when I’m able to,” the model said.

“My family still lives in the same village in a concrete house but it’s still not very nice,” she added. 

Maeurn adds that, while her family appreciates everything she has done for them, they never question her alternative career.

“My parents don’t really mind and I love what I do and the freedom and independence that this has given me.”


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