Bullied OnlyFans mum Mrs Poindexter is laughing all the way to the bank

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She went viral yesterday after encountering real-life drama over her raunchy online job, but she says it has only brought more subscribers. 

Yesterday, OnlyFans performer and mother, Tiffany Poindexter, a mum from Northern California, shared her experience with being bullied because of her images online. 

The 44-year-old mum-of-three who says she makes USD$150,000 (almost AUD$200,000) sharing photos and videos taken by her husband, made headlines around the world when she shared the reaction she’d received from parents at her kids’ school. 

“Someone came across my account and suddenly I had mums from school texting me and leaving voicemails saying I had to leave the school,” Tiffany told Jam Press.

“Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children’s school.

“We were called a load of names; apparently it was ‘disturbing, disgusting, horrifying’ and ‘my children should be kicked out!'”

But it’s Tiffany who is having the last laugh as the result of her global exposure is even more subscribers and cash coming in. 

Chris and Tiffany say the haters are just jealous. Source: Amy Heather/Jam Press/Australscope.

A global phenomenon

Tiffany shared on Reddit that the news attention came as a bit of a shock to some of her family and friends.

“I had a lot of friends and family ask ,’What the F*ck?  Why are you at the top of NY Post?'” she wrote. “Because I’ve tried to keep it down low from many. I’m just Tiffany from the block so it’s a bizarro universe to people who know me.” 

Tiffany also revealed how she suspected the rumour mill started at her school: “There was a dad that found me and couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told his wife,” she wrote. “Prior to him, other dads had found me and, in accordance with Man Code, kept their f*cking mouth shut from their wives! Duh. Right?”

“Once it’s in the hands of women, it’s all-out attack,” she added. “Women tear each other down.”

Making even more money!

The attention from the media has lead even more subscribers to Tiffany who says that she is overwhelmed with messages and can’t believe how much money there is to be made. 

“It truly is the most bizarre industry I’ve ever encountered,” she said. “Here, you have basically allllll the free product of all types and sizes you could want.” (referring of course to the amount of free erotic photos online already).

“And yet people can still sell into the market at crazy high prices/profit? What the hell kind of industry is this!”

“It’s like if there were infinite Mercedes-Benz cars everywhere, you could have as many as you wanted for the taking, for free. But Mercedes still sold millions of cars. From a business/MBA standpoint, it makes no sense!”

OnlyFans in Australia has had more than 5000 new performers in the last year, if you want to join them be sure to do your research first and consider not just your privacy, but the relevant tax laws. 

Source: kidspot.com.au

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