Bachelor star Leah Costa was among the models who attended an OnlyFans photo shoot which saw the host ‘kicked out of a $3,000-a-night mansion in Adelaide’

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Former Bachelor contestant Leah Costa has been identified as one of the women who attended a controversial photo shoot in Adelaide recently.

On Wednesday, it was reported that guests staying at a beachside mansion were kicked out after the landlord discovered they were using the house as a shoot location for OnlyFans content.

The host of the party, Mike Sanchez, told Daily Mail Australia that Leah, 28, was one of the women in attendance.

The blonde joined OnlyFans – a subscription-based adult website – in October last year, and announced her new career on Instagram at the time.

‘It’s ethical, consensual and content shared on my own terms. This is a woman on top, a woman in charge and a woman who won’t allow anyone to dictate or her choices or forced to feel ashamed of her body,’ she explained.

Speaking to 7NEWS on Wednesday, Mr Sanchez claimed he’d told owners of the Moana mansion that he would be using the home for a photo shoot.

He paid $5,500 to rent the home for two nights, and planned to film several videos and take pictures for his OnlyFans account.

But halfway through his stay, Mr Sanchez claimed he was kicked out and not offered a refund.

‘I would describe it as blatant discrimination against the sex industry and sex workers,’ he told 7NEWS.

‘There was some suggestive stuff but it was all clothed in lingerie – there was no nudity.’

But the property’s manager accused Mr Sanchez of breaking the home’s strict no-party policy.

Pictures and videos from his first night appeared to show a group of scantily-clad women in the home.

The landlord also claimed a baby grand piano in the home was scratched and will be costly to repair.

Pictures showed several of the women draped over the piano wearing their lingerie as Mr Sanchez posed in front of it.

‘We did ask for a full refund to which he [the landlord] responded, “I’ll see you in court”, so we will be taking matters further,’ Mr Sanchez said. 

He expects to take the matter to the tenancy tribunal.      

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