Are Belle Delphine and KSI releasing an OnlyFans video? Creator says she’d “do it for free”

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Fans of both KSI and Belle Delphine think the two internet sensations might be making an OnlyFans video together. Here’s where the rumours come from.

KSI likes to collaborate with other people, that’s for sure. In 2018 he fought Logan Paul and recently he’s topped the charts with Craig David, but his latest rumoured collaborator is Belle Delphine.

Belle Delphine is an OnlyFans and YouTube creator who reached huge amounts of fame after she sold her dirty bathwater by the jar. She often cosplays and is known as a ‘gamer girl’.


Rumours about the two making an OnlyFans video began when Belle posted a video to her Twitter explaining that on Christmas Day she will be posting her first “hardcore” video on OnlyFans.

Fans quickly began to speculate about who the potential partner would be, and fingers pointed to KSI when he tweeted about a surprise on Christmas day. “On Christmas Day I’m gonna give you the best most unexpected Christmas present ever.”

Belle Delphine replied to the tweet saying: “Biggest plot twist ever,” followed by quote tweeting it with emoji innuendos referring to the Fedmyster drama.


During her appearance on the Happy Hour podcast, Belle Delphine was questioned about the possibility of creating content with KSI. When asked which of the YouTube group ‘The Sidemen’ she would collaborate with, she said:

“Oh what type of video? Oh I would have to…I would not sleep with him, but there are other things like not crossing the line but still could be cool. I mean it’s KSI, you know?”

When asked how much she would have to be paid to do it, she said: “Honestly nothing, cause it’s KSI…plus it would be fun to do it for free.”

However, in the same podcast she confirmed that the man in the video will be her “partner” who she’s been with for three years. Belle confirms that he remains anonymous in the video.

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