ABC News Originals Special, ‘OnlyFans: Selling Sexy,’ Examines the Voyeuristic and Profit-Making World of the Online Platform

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An ABC News Special, OnlyFans: Selling Sexy, is set to debut exclusively on Hulu on February 10th, examining the voyeuristic and profit-making world of the online platform, following the personal lives of amateur creators and professional adult entertainers amidst the 2020 boom and entry into the pop culture zeitgeist.

What’s Happening:

  • ABC News Originals special, OnlyFans: Selling Sexy, examines the voyeuristic and profit-making world of the online platform OnlyFans. Streaming exclusively on Hulu in the U.S. on Wednesday, February 10, OnlyFans: Selling Sexy enters the bedrooms and personal lives of several OnlyFans adult content creators.
  • Cameras follow amateur creators Tyson Dayley (Salt Lake City), Wynter Mosely (Houston) and Kirsten Vaughn (Fort Wayne, Ind.) and professional adult entertainers Griffin Barrows (Chicago) and Silvia Saige (Los Angeles) as they navigate OnlyFans’ pandemic enhanced 2020 boom, the impact of an influx of celebrities on the platform and the choices they have to make as they increase their fanbases and income while facing the real world impacts and stigma surrounding online sex-work.
  • OnlyFans – dubbed by some as a sort of Instagram for porn – is disrupting the porn industry by giving control to its content creators and allowing them to interact directly with fans who are paying for access. In 2020 it entered the pop culture zeitgeist, evolving from a niche site with primarily adult entertainers into a mainstream platform after being name-dropped by Beyoncé and seeing celebrities like Cardi B and Bella Thorne join to provide glimpses into their work and daily lives.
  • As the site has grown and the celebrity and non-sex related content has increased, backlash has followed over the gentrification of porn and the dilution of a platform many now count on to survive financially. OnlyFans: Selling Sexy features commentary from comedians Nikki Glaser and Donnell Rawlings and weaves in expert voices, from a sex and relationship therapist to a sex educator to entertainment and culture journalists, to unpack the ways in which OnlyFans and its mysterious founder may be changing the world of online sex-work – for both good and bad – forever.
  • ABC News’ OnlyFans: Selling Sexy begins streaming exlusively on Hulu on February 10th.
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