10 Steps to “Making Money” on Onlyfans

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The social media site Onlyfans provides a space for content creators to offer exclusive content to followers at a self-determined subscription fee. Recently, many content creators have turned to Onlyfans as a way to earn supplemental income and increase their fan base so that they can monetize on their content and find better ways to connect with their fans.

Megan Thee Stallion’s remix with Beyonce of her popular song “Savage” circulated on TikTok and amassed a lot of public interest in Onlyfans. In this remix, Beyonce mentions the platform in her lyrics: “Hips TikTok when I dance/On that Demon Time, she might start an Onlyfans.” The platform’s popularity has sparked the interest of other celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Blac Chyna, rapper Swa Lee, and many others who recognize the value of starting an account and growing their fanbase.

The appeal of Onlyfans to creators is apparent. With this social media platform, creators have full control of the type of content they market and sell while taking home 80% of the earnings. Onlyfans’ subscriber base can access a range of new content including adult content, fitness coaching, modelling, and more. If done right, influencers can make a more-than-decent living on Onlyfans. The question then becomes––how? 

Whether you’re looking to start an Onlyfans account or grow a pre-existing account, we’ve created a comprehensive list of 10 Steps to Make Money on Onlyfans:

1. Know Your Content

It’s simple. Before you can thrive as an Onlyfans creator, it’s necessary to nail down the specifics of what type of services you would like to provide. Whether you are an adult content creator, a YouTuber, a social media influencer, or a self-starter interested in breaking into the market, the kind of content that the site produces is incredibly diverse. 

Consider what content you will offer for free and which content will only be accessible beyond a paywall. Because of the nature of this platform, explicit content is not heavily censored, which broadens the possibilities for many creators. Discover your niche and begin the process of brainstorming and producing content that you will share on your page.

2. Peruse The Market

Strategizing and monetizing your Onlyfans begins with gaining some market knowledge and know-how. Get to know how other content creators are promoting and pricing their exclusive content as this can provide game-changing insight for you. Tap into the resources available to you––advice from other creators can often be a Google or YouTube search away. 

Do some market research: 

  • How do content creators connect to their subscriber base, and how frequently do they make posts? Find a few creators that you admire and take a deep dive into their social media presences. Compare their follower counts across their platforms, how often they are posting, and how they plug in their Onlyfans to their other socials.
  • What influencers should you be looking at to learn from? It may be helpful to survey not just one specific niche, but a range of creators in and outside of the adult industry, travel industry, food industry, etc. 
  • Would it be better to set monthly fees at a higher rate with the possibility for less followers or a lower rate with the possibility for more followers? This can be difficult to predict when first starting your account, but as a general rule, you will likely attract more fans with a lower monthly fee to begin with. As you gain a fanbase, you can always alter this rate in whatever way best serves you and your audience.
  • How long have other content creators been active on Onlyfans? If possible, outsource! Reach out to a creator you admire to learn about their experience with the platform. Create your own roadmap with the informed guidance of creators who have been in your position before. If you’re not able to get in touch directly, take a look back at their progress and reap the benefits of learning from what you piece together. 

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the market, but also consider partnering with a creative marketing agency like Unruly Agency that specializes in promoting influencers like yourself. The marketing professionals with Unruly Agency know how to elevate influencers’ platforms and connect talented creators with brands. 

3. Customize Your Image

As a content creator, you are the CEO of your image and brand. By taking the time to make your account visually appealing and welcoming, you demonstrate to prospective subscribers that you’re worth the investment. Fill out your personal information on the site to give prospective fans a glimpse into who you are and what they can expect. Symbiosis is what we’re shooting for here which means a mutual benefit for you and your fanbase.

Along these lines, it’s always best to be transparent about what you offer and what you don’t. From free content to monthly subscriptions, create a list of what you offer and designate these services between these two categories. It’s likely that you will receive a private message or two with a special request from a fan, so consider also how flexible or inflexible you plan to be about the services you’re able to offer.   

Remember that growing your Onlyfans begins on an individual level, so prioritize transparency when it comes to your work. Fans will invest their time and money in influencers that they trust will deliver on quality content. 

4. Track Engagement

Whether you’re new to Onlyfans or looking to build your current platform, take a look at your social media analytics across the board (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Continuing to grow your follower-base can translate to new subscribers, so consider ways that you can promote your Onlyfans through your other social platforms. 

Keep a log of engagement trends and analytics over time, so that you can better understand how to elevate future posts. It’s all about hindsight and forethought. Actively tracking your progress will keep you engaged with your work as you build experience. 

If you’re overwhelmed with the prospect of micromanaging each of your social media platforms, consider investing in social media management software. Here are a few management programs that may prove helpful in taking your social media presence to the next level:

  • Sprout Social
    • Offers plans starting at $99/month
    • Schedule posts for 5 social profiles minimum with a content calendar feature
  • Hootsuite
    • Offers professional plans starting at $49/month
    • Unlimited scheduling of 10 or more social profiles
  • TweetDeck
    • Focuses on Twitter only
  • Zoho Social
    • Offers packages for individuals and businesses starting at $10/month
    • Manage, schedule posts, and gather statistics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram

These programs offer numerous priced packages that allow you to manage more than one account and also keep tabs on useful analytics. Opting to use any one of these programs would allow you to group your other platforms together and take the stress out of planning and posting content. Remember also that you don’t have to strategize alone––agencies like Unruly Agency exist to pair influencers with professionals who know how to build a platform and create new opportunities.

5. Plan Ahead

Just like we touched on in the previous step, a healthy dose of structure and planning can go a long way when increasing engagement with your Onlyfans subscribers. By creating content and scheduling posts ahead of time, you have ample time to design and put out work that you’re proud of. Planning ahead will provide peace of mind but also a solid foundation for growing your Onlyfans.

With your Onlyfans account, you will be able to post photos, videos, audio, and more. To ensure that you are posting your best content, give yourself adequate time to carry out the creative process, and become a specialist at managing your time effectively. The schedule that is best for you may take form as four photo posts, two video posts, and one livestream per week. However, you may prefer to design a schedule where you post more or less frequently than this. Depending on the type of content you create, you may decide to put more effort into video content as opposed to photo content. Create a template that works for you!

And remember, this creative process doesn’t look the same for everyone. Experience through trial and error comes with the territory of any new venture, and it might take you a month or two (or longer) to gain some traction with your Onlyfans page. This is where your market research can also come into play.

6. Build a Community

As you produce new content, consider ways that you can elevate the experience of your fans. The Onlyfans platform offers opportunities for engaging with subscribers on a consistent basis, so take advantage of this capability and get to know your audience. While it may take time to increase earnings, doing so begins with fostering community.

Through private messages, comment sections, and livestreams, content creators receive immediate feedback that can be constructive to the growth of their page going forward. Ultimately, your Onlyfans page is entirely yours to design and cultivate, but you’ll benefit from keeping your audience in mind and being open to new ideas. If you choose to view it this way, your subscriber base is essentially a creative team with ideas at the ready.  

7. Expand Outreach

Widening your outreach can be achieved through various avenues, so don’t limit yourself to the same tactics. As an influencer, outline some short-term and long-term goals you have for your account and look for opportunities to generate more subscriptions. This may take shape as a seasonal sale on first-time subscription costs or a discount for referring a new subscriber to your account. 

Utilize Instagram and Twitter to create posts that link back to your Onlyfans page. Depending on the content of your tweets and posts, it’s helpful to first check-in with platforms’ guidelines and censorship policies. Instagram enforces strict limitations on stories or posts that feature nudity, so for instance, if you’re an adult performer you might have to adapt your content for a given platform in order to promote your Onlyfans page. Once you’re aware of the policies and restrictions, you will be better equipped to share information about your Onlyfans page seamlessly. 

In your pursuit of new fans, try not to neglect the fans that have been loyally subscribed to your content so far. After you establish a posting schedule and get into a routine, maintain or dare to exceed the level of engagement you’ve set for yourself. This will go a long way with your fans and show yet again that you are worth their time and investment.

8. Next Step Mentality

As you work toward enhancing your influencer image further, review the progress you’ve made over an allotted period of time. Trace shifts in follower engagement, subscriber counts, and successes vs. downfalls between then and now. Notice areas where engagement can be improved, and take another look at changes in the market overall. 

Now that you’ve established a fanbase, consider creating new content that your subscribers have explicitly requested in comments and private messages. Your fans will notice and appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen to their suggestions. You might also decide to revisit your subscription prices and choose to modify these prices if doing so benefits you and your fanbase. 

At this time, it’s also important to return to and refresh your short-term and long-term goals for your Onlyfans account. Have you grown your presence enough to make Onlyfans your full-time job? If this is a pressing goal, evaluate your current circumstances, and determine what changes you might make to meet this goal. With some experience under your belt, you have full creative control over what the next six months or year will look like.

9. Consistency

When it comes to cultivating success for your Onlyfans account, longevity is key. Subscribers will continue to invest in the influencers who are actively engaging with them, so prioritize consistency and quality in your Onlyfans content. Followers will engage with your work on a habitual basis as long as it’s regularly available to them. 

Again, this is where a good old fashioned market analysis can pay off. Ask yourself:

  • How often should I post photos, videos, and audio each week? 
  • When should I create a livestream, and what content will I include in this livestream?
  • What are examples of new content that is currently circulating on Onlyfans, and how does my new material compare in relation?
  • What are content creators in my same niche doing differently than me?
  • What am I currently doing that makes me stand out among those same content creators?

Comparing content creator’s successes can be immensely beneficial in the same way that comparing downfalls can be instructive, but try not to get boggled down in comparisons. Your content is uniquely yours, and the fanbase that you’ve cultivated continues to invest in your work because of this fact. Whether you have 10 subscribers or a million, the potential for your Onlyfans to flourish is limitless.

10. Celebrate Your Successes

Finally, celebrate your milestones. Each and every milestone of your choosing. 

Have you been considering starting an Onlyfans account for weeks and finally registered? Did you just make the transition from free content to subscription content? Did you get your first fan subscription? These moments are notable and worth the mention. 

It can be difficult to acknowledge and congratulate yourself on taking small steps when you’re focused so intently on the outwardly flashier, long-term steps you will need to take to achieve your current set of goals. If your platform isn’t flourishing as quickly as you want and you are disappointed and frustrated with your progress remember to have patience with yourself. 

As you take strides to make money on Onlyfans, try not to get discouraged if you find that you’re not (yet) making enough money to be a full-time creator. You have the time and resources to work toward this goal. Celebrate the growing success of your side hustle and keep moving forward. 

The 10 steps outlined in this blog provide a foundation for building a social media presence on Onlyfans. As you should do with any template like this one, make it your own. Write in your own tips and tricks as you go. Seek out advice and tap into every resource available to you.   

Content is King (or Queen)

Regardless of what type of content you are looking to post on Onlyfans, there is likely a demand for your work. Making money through this social media platform begins with an ability to use social media marketing to your advantage and draw new fans to your account on a consistent basis. As you put in the hours and effort, your platform will grow. Consider the steps between where you are and want to be as a learning curve.

Remember that you are your brand’s CEO, design manager, marketer, and talent, so when it comes to promoting your work, don’t sell yourself short. It may take time to build your fanbase if you’re new to the platform, but with enough consistency, success is more than possible.

As you begin to gain momentum as an Onlyfans creator, keep an eye on how influencers with similar content are building their platforms and learn from these creators. Networking with fellow influencers can be beneficial to both parties, so don’t underestimate what you bring to the table and make these connections. 

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